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6 Reasons why businesses are switching to smart lighting

Updated On : 21 Mar 2021

Smart lighting systems are getting better as we speak. Listed below are the features that can help your business run more efficiently and cut down a significant amount of electricity bills in the long run.

6 Reasons why businesses are switching to smart lighting

Businesses are always trying to make sure they do their best to make office spaces more sustainable and comfortable for their employees. Smart lighting is becoming a popular choice for office spaces because of this reason, and also since smart lighting has improved functionality and is more energy-efficient as compared to traditional lighting systems.

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Here's an in-depth understanding of why more and more businesses are switching to smart lighting:

1. It helps you save on electricity bills

Smart lighting generally uses LED bulbs, giving you more energy efficiency than your run of the mill incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. Smart lighting systems that optimize their brightness according to the time of day help you save on lighting costs since they become dim when there is enough natural light. These lights are fitted with smart features motion sensors that switch lights on and off when people are in the room. This can help a large office scale down on electricity bills significantly.

2. It improves productivity

Having the optimal amount of light in a room can factor in your office space's productivity levels. This especially comes into effect if you're working for long hours and want to adjust the brightness according to your individual needs. Smart lighting helps you do that. The flexibility of changing the brightness settings of smart lighting at different locations in the same room is one of its most significant advantages.

3. It helps make a room safer

Thanks to the motion sensors that come with smart lighting, your employees will never have to fumble for lights in a dark room, making them feel safer at work.

4. It saves on energy and is better for the environment

Smart lighting installations allow you to control your lights' brightness remotely, or they can automatically become more intense or dim depending on the time of day. Smart lighting can be optimized for daylight harvesting -- automatically adjusting your lighting's brightness based on how much natural light is present. This can lead to significant energy savings when used in the long run, making it better for the environment. LED bulbs also emit lower levels of carbon dioxide and last longer compared to traditional bulbs.

5. It gives you control from anywhere

Choosing smart lighting for your office means you can either set it to detect motion sensors so that the lights will turn off when no one is in the room. Or, you can control the lighting from a cloud-based digital application that is synced with your smart lighting system. This means that you can switch off the lights in your office building even when you are not at work and help cut down lighting costs.

7. It is easy to install

If you are thinking of switching from a traditional lighting system to smart lighting for your office, you don't have to worry about an elaborate installation process. Smart lighting requires as much effort as taking out the old bulbs and screwing in new ones without any hassle.

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