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7 Simple steps to Declutter your Work Space

Updated On : 21 Mar 2021

Home Decor Tips: Bored of seeing a Messy Desk? Our guest writer, Shreya Agarwal, breaks decluttering into seven easy steps

7 Simple steps to Declutter your Work Space

Are you feeling stressed lately? Does your day just pass by and you are not able to check even one item off your To-do list? Do you feel drained out just by looking at your work? Then, you are at right place. Why don’t you try decluttering and organizing your work space and trust me it will make your space comfortable, functional and productivity powerhouse. But before we begin, let me tell you why you should declutter and organize your work desk?

How to organise Workspace

1. Increase productivity – Don’t we all try to achieve more in less time but if you’re spending a lot of time searching for things on your desk or computer, your productivity is hit by a wall. A place for everything and you will not even spend a microsecond getting it.

2. Feeling of overwhelm – A desk full of sticky notes or a white board full of tasks. A messy environment not only gives displeasure to eyes but to your mind too.

3. More space – A clear desk reflects a clear and focused mind. If you are clearing things you don’t need, you will have a more relaxed mindset at work.

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1. Remove Everything – This first big step to be clutter-free is to get everything out of the work desk or drawer. While you are at it, trash those lunch receipts, an old pamphlet or those sticky notes which are no longer required.

2. Wipe it down – This step may seem to be common sense but even though, some people do not feel the need of it. Grab a cleaner or disinfectant and clean it all the way. Don’t forget to clear the keyboard, mouse and your computer screen (very important.)

3. Look for a home – Assign a designated place for all your essentials. You can use variety of organizers like banker boxes, clear acrylic containers, desk organizers, hanging folders, file organizers and more. Create a separate pile for things which are not yours and return them as soon as possible.

4. As digital as possible – Save paper, Go Digital. Scan any and every document which can be and shred away the paper. This way it is easier to organize and your desk will be clear of the clutter. Using apps like business card scanners, project management apps, Cloud storage are a lot beneficial.

5. Define a purpose – When you start putting things back in the drawer, look for a purpose. Your daily planner and pen should be placed in front of the drawer as opposed to the reference guide you only need twice a year.

6. Go Green – Add a touch of green on your work desk and see how it lightens up. Plants are such mood lifters; they instantly produce positive vibes. A small pot on the desk or a hanging planter above will easily fulfill the purpose.

Declutter workspace or add plants for positivity

7. Hang those awards/certificates – This step is so important in so many ways. One way to get motivated is to look at your achievements and accomplishments, the challenges you have faced. That feeling of pride will go a long way.

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This is a great feeling to declutter and organize your work space and you have done great! But this is not the end, it is just a beginning. Let clutter not creep back in, block 10 mins on your calendar each week and you are good to go.

Happy Organising.

The article has been contributed by Shreya Agarwal, Founder of 'Declutter with Shreya' a certified professional organizer.  The views expressed are of authors own.