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Seven plants for your bedroom to keep the environment fresh and healthy

Updated On : 27 Mar 2021

There are different plants for different corners of your abode and many plants such as lily, jasmine make the environment of your bedroom refreshing. Find the names here!

Seven plants for your bedroom to keep the environment fresh and healthy

Plants are an important part of the home decor. They make the rooms refreshing, purify the air and add vibrancy to the space. And the purified air makes the environment healthy which provides sound sleep and cures many ailments as well. There are different plants for different corners of your abode. For example, if you are planning to put plants in your bedroom, then peace lily, lavender, jasmine would be great.

  • Aloe Vera is a magical plant that has several health benefits. It is used in many home remedies, cures rashes and reduces scars as well. It leaves oxygen at night providing better sleep to its owners. So, it’s a great plant for the bedroom.
  • Valerian : This plant helps us fall asleep faster and provides us with long hours of deep sleep. But make sure you give them 6 hours of daylight t keep them alive. Valerian plant has a sweet natural scent.
  • Lavender is one of the best plants to keep in your bedroom. Its sweet, pleasant smell will make you fall asleep quickly. Lavender plants help reduce high blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Peace Lily : From its glossy leaves to the gorgeous white flowers, Peace Lily looks magical in the bedroom making it cosy. But this beautiful plant also provides us with sound baby-like sleep.
  • English Ivy : If you are suffering from allergy, then English Ivy is the right plant for you. It’s an air-purifying plant, that eliminates all unnecessary molecules and particles from the air to make it fresh and breathable. It also looks very pretty in one corner of the bedroom.
  • Gerbera Daisies : This plant with its pretty flowers looks like a dream in your bedroom. It will keep the air fresh and will ensure you with ample amount of oxygen.
  • Philodendron : This plant looks extraordinary in your bedroom with its heart-shaped leaves. This purifies the air, maintains the humid level, produces oxygen and removes air pollutants to keep the environment healthy always. But keep your pets away from this plant as it might be dangerous for them.

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