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7 best herbs to plant in your kitchen garden for both decoration & culinary purposes

kitchen Décor Tips: Whether you want to grow a kitchen herb garden as a hobby or just for healthier eating, there are plenty of herbs that you can grow in your backyard.

7 best herbs to plant in your kitchen garden for both decoration & culinary purposes

Indoor plants are an important part of every corner of our home. They make the air purify and refreshed making the environment calm and healthy. But what about the kitchen? Well, you can put different essential herbs in this area of your abode to use them both for decoration and various culinary purposes.

Here are 7 herbs to put in your kitchen-

  • Parsley has a slightly bitter taste that can enhance the flavour of your foods. It is also considered to be a great item for garnishing your dishes. Along with that, this herb aids in digestion as well.
  • Mint can be used in several different drinks like mojitos, tea etc. It freshens our breath and calms the stomach. But it’s a type of invasive plant that gradually covers all of the areas of your kitchen garden. So, it’s best to grow this herb in a container.
  • Basil is one of the most common herbs that makes a great item for different culinary purposes. It is used in many food preparations like salads, pizza, pesto etc. Basil is loaded with antioxidants that reduce high blood sugar levels.
  • Sage is an aromatic herb that is used to season meat, sauces, veggies etc. It heals cuts, improves memory problems and reduces inflammation. But make sure to use it in moderation as it can overpower other flavours of your preparation. But the sage herb is easy to grow and take care of.
  • Rosemary is a highly flavourful herb that is used in poultry, veggies, meats etc. Its soothing fragrance refreshes your kitchen air making it smell pleasant. This herb likes to be grown in a dry place, so don’t overwater this herb.
  • Thyme belongs to the mint family that is used in eggs, beans, veggies, soups and stews. The most common type of this herb is garden thyme which has grey-green leaves along with a minty and lemony smell.
  • Fennel is aromatic and flavourful that is used for drinks, salads and garnishing foods. It’s an important ingredient for Indian cuisine which can be sauteed, grilled and eaten raw as well.

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