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7 Innovative ways to place plants in your home to make the environment refreshing

Updated On : 27 Mar 2021

While flower arrangements are always lovely, adding real or faux greenery is a fresh way to bring the outside in, no matter what season.

7 Innovative ways to place plants in your home to make the environment refreshing

Plants are an essential part of your home that purify the air and make the environment refreshing. But they also make a great addition to the home décor as well. There are a plethora of indoor plants for different rooms to revamp the interiors. But where to place which plant? Placing the right plant in the right corner is also very crucial to jazz up your home decor.

So, here are creative ideas to place plants in your home.

  • The easiest way to showcase your indoor plants is just hanging them against the ceiling or in front of the window. And you can hang them in different styles with different pots to bring variety to the decoration as well.

  • You don’t always need a creative idea to place your plants. If you have an empty space, then simply put an indoor plant on it to spruce it up.
  • Thinking to add some colours to your space with the greenery? Then simply put an orchid plant on that space. Blooming plants do not only make the space vibrant, but they also have health benefits.
  • You can also create a wall hanging herb garden in your kitchen with all your herb plants. Herbs are seasoned to foods during their preparation to enhance their taste and they are also loaded with many health benefits. So, just hang all the herbs on a particular wall in the kitchen to use them whenever you want.

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  • Your home office should also have a touch of nature and that’s why you can simply put a succulent or cactus plant on your work station to make the air refreshing.

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  • To complete the decoration of your living space, you can put some eucalyptus in it. It has a very clean and distinct fragrance that makes the room smell pleasant.

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  • Copper is currently in trend. So, bring some copper pots and place your air plants on them. These pots can be placed on any space of your abode to revamp it.
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