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Best places to hang mirrors in the house

Updated On : 06 Dec 2020

Where to hang mirrors: Placing a mirror at the right place is a great reflection of your aesthetic sense!

Best places to hang mirrors in the house

Is there something like a rule book to follow while placing mirrors at home? Undoubtedly, yes! Design experts swear by the rules while making sure that they creatively place mirrors at the right places. For amateurs, the functional aspect as well as the convenience while using the mirror matters the most. However, it’s also good to know the ABC of hanging mirrors. Hang on, the basics are not just filled with logics but are also fun to learn. Mirror, mirror on the wall, let’s find out the best places to hang mirrors for all.


The obvious place to hang a mirror in the bathroom is over the sink. You can try installing a magnified one to enjoy a closer look while applying makeup or while shaving. A wall-hanging mirror with an adjustable arm can help you have an even better look of the back of your head. Just make sure that the mirrors in the bathroom receive sufficient light. Placing a mirror over the bathtub can make a small space appear bigger. If a mirror faces the toilet, it is said to amplify negative energy. Moreover, nobody (unless there is an exception) likes to look into the mirror while using the toilet. Therefore, as a basic rule of thumb, the idea of placing a mirror facing the bathroom door or the toilet is a big NO!

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If your bedroom is rectangular in shape, choose a long, rectangular mirror and hang it a few feet above the ground in the dressing area. In case you don’t want to make the mirror visible all the time, hang it behind the bedroom door or on a closet door. Just make sure that there’s enough space in front so that you get a full-length view in the mirror. Along with the position, do consider lighting while hanging a mirror. If it’s on a wall facing the window, make sure that the sun’s glare doesn’t disturb you while you are deep asleep. Also, be careful when placing a mirror above the bed – you need to be sure that it’s properly fixed.

Kids’ room

Whether they are using a new backpack, or playing a game, or simply rehearsing for their cultural performance – kids love to look at themselves in the mirror. For that matter, they enjoy looking at all reflective surfaces – TV, windowpanes, and even mobile phone screens! Therefore, a mirror is a must-have wall accessory in the kids’ room. If you have an infant, suspend a mirror over the crib or place a mirror close to the changing table to keep the baby engaged. If you have a toddler, place a mirror in a way that it is at the child’s eye level. Many people avoid hanging mirrors facing the bed as they are said to affect peaceful sleep. According to Vastu, kids tend to lose concentration if there is a mirror near the study table. You can take a call based on what suits you (and your family) best!

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Home office

To make that little corner in your house appear bigger, mount a mirror on the wall over your desk. Some people recommend that one should avoid placing a mirror in a way that it faces the desk. This is because the reflection in the mirror tends to double the workload. Looking at the mirror may also distract you while working. Place it suitably such that your home office looks stylish and bright with the reflection of the mirror. Moreover, when you’re working, you would also get an idea of what’s happening around you just by glancing at the mirror.

Hallways, stairways, and everything in between

When placing mirrors in long hallways, make sure you position them on the two sidewalls instead of hanging them at the end. Needless to say, the mirrors on the two walls should not face each other. You can also hang a medium-sized mirror in the foyer to make it appear bigger. Place it on the side such that it does not interfere with the swing of the door. This will help you in checking yourself out before leaving or while entering the house. Placing a small mirror at the landing area of a narrow staircase can also make the space appear wider. When you’re decking up the house, make sure you don’t get carried away by those retro films to place mirrors on the ceiling – mirrors are not meant to stay up there!

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