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Five interesting ways to redefine your kitchen

Updated On : 15 May 2021

Kitchen Interior Design: With modern homes and equipment, the kitchen is no longer just a hidden corner, but a space that can add an edge to the entire experience of your home.

Mr. Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice-President and Business Head, Godrej Locks and Architectural Fittings & Systems

Today, kitchen designs are evolving considering an increasing number of people working from home today and are serving double duty i.e., managing the house and work. Hence, they wish to get work done quickly to increase productivity at both their jobs.

Keeping in mind this evolved need of customers, nowadays architects and interiors are designing various types of kitchens, starting from the traditional kitchens L shaped kitchens to the more functional kitchens to maximize productivity.

Here are the top five trends that you can adopt for modernizing your kitchen this year-

1. Stylish kitchen fittings 

Get rid of the bulky kitchen accessories to free more space and add stylish designs to the kitchen. Trays and corner swings can add a lot of character and storage space to your kitchen. Using kitchen organizers which are dedicated cutlery, cup & saucer, wok, fry pan, thalis, containers, and jars & bottles can help to increase efficiency. Also, attention should be paid to classy hinges which do not stand out.

2. Eye-catching kitchen islands 

Kitchen islands are a new addition that can completely change the look of not only your kitchen but also your dining area. This is also a space that you can either design according to your interiors or give a completely different twist to stand out. There are a wide variety of designs and textures that you can choose from. You can either have a traditional rectangle or a curved island. You can use materials such as tiles and marbles, pepper granite, walnut veneer, reclaimed wood or experiment with using marble with metal or use steel to add mirror effect.

3. Use of sustainable materials 

With people becoming conscious of their environment, sustainable choices in materials used are gaining popularity. While some elements cannot be replaced, there are unique ways in which you can use materials such as reclaimed timber, birch plywood, bamboo and cork.

4. Modern Storage 

Storage solution if used correctly can add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. You can choose from a wide array of drawers and shelves used for different purposes like storing cup and saucers, perforated cutlery basket, grain trolley among others.  Using ergo boxes and drawers available in acrylic finish can be used to store heavy crockery and utilities up to 65kgs. This gives you enough space and at the same time doesn’t take away from the aesthetics of design. Adding organisers and tray inserts can help give a clean look to your storage space.

5. Adding colours and textures 

Colours and experimenting with textures alone can give the much needed revamp to your kitchen. This gives you a chance to depict any style from across the globe in your own kitchen. Be it using Turkish blue ceramic, Italian marble in unique colours like mahogany and Irish brown, a series of colours can be used. Also, using pop colours and colour blocking are popular trends. Colours can be used on the wall, table tops, utilities and also the floor.

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One should design their kitchen carefully, keeping in mind a few tricks like stylish designs, minimalist approach, lots of storage space and going by the rule less is more. Especially, in the current times when people conscious about aesthetics and functionality, it best to keep these tips handy.

This article is contributed by Godrej Locks