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From the Vault: Oshin Deshmukh talks about different themed interiors to give your home a new charm and elegance

Have you got bored with your same home décor? Then it’s time to spruce up the place and make it look fun and interesting.

From the Vault: Oshin Deshmukh talks about different themed interiors to give your home a new charm and elegance

Oshin Deshmukh helped us by giving some cool ideas regarding this from Godrej U&Us. So, here are some easy tips to adorn your abode with a particular theme. This video was made in 2020. So, here’s another video from the series “From the Vault” where you learn how to decorate your space with a specific theme.

First, you have to understand that there are constants and variables in the design. Constants are something that is costly and not needed to change every time like your home furniture, sofa, wall colours etc. And variables are inexpensive items that can be changed or placed to any other places as per your mood and preferences.

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Examples of variables are wallpaper, accessories, rugs, carpets, lights, cushion, curtains etc. If you smartly design your constants in the very first place, then it would be easier for you to change your variables as per the decoration. So, here is how can you do that:

Watch Oshin Deshmukh video below here;


It’s a home décor theme about minimalism, simplicity and functionality where clutter-free space and natural light are always prioritised the most. In this video, light brown coloured furniture is used against complete white; neutral walls are also a good option. So, you can change the wallpaper with a pastel pallet and bring some drama to it with mustard, Fuschia and sea green shades. Then bring some colours the cushion covers and flower vases. Then add some indoor plants to the décor and use jute items and hanging shelves to decorate the pots. And don’t forget to keep the plants healthy. Light fixtures and cane chandeliers are an important part of this home décor theme. But you can also use some fairy lights instead of light fixtures. If you love DIY, then go for it.

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Choose an empty wall in your home and use neutral or black and white shades to paint it. You can then hang some ceramic plates on that wall but don’t forget to do some painting on the plates. This is how you can incorporate minimalism, simplicity and functionality in a Scandinavian home décor theme.

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Indian Classical

If you are a lover of bright and vibrant colours, then this theme is just for you. Here, we can use vibrant colours with modern furniture to give a classy and edgy look to our abode. Use neutral or earthy tones for the walls keeping an accent wall of bright colour. Now, it’s time to revamp those walls. Do you have a huge collection of sarees with patterns and block prints? Then take them out of the cupboard and frame them to hang on the walls. Film enthusiasts can bring some quirky posters of their favourite movies and hang them on the walls to bring that edgy look.

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If you have any metal statue, then now it’s time to showcase that. You can also use your sarees or dupattas to create your curtains and blinds and use your metal jewellery as a curtain tie. Now, find an empty wall and create a beautiful mandala design on it to revamp the wall. Paint your shot glasses and mason jars in the same pattern to use them as part of the decoration. This is how you can embrace the boldness, beauty and warmth of Indian Classical theme décor.

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Art Deco

The next theme is Art Deco. This theme is about opulence and boldness where furniture has rich warm tones with metallic accents and a shiny finish. Light wall colours are used to neutralise the high shine of the furniture. Geometric patterns and abstract shapes are the prime features of this theme. And bold colours with geometric patterns are used to give the ultimate Art Deco charm to the décor. Mirrors with a metallic finish, golden coloured items, DIY items with geometric patterns will always complete your Art Deco look.

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