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Is monsoon taking a toll on your interiors?

Design Dekko writer, Deblina Chatterjee shares with us some must-try tips to keep your home fresh and moisture-free.

Is monsoon taking a toll on your interiors?

Monsoon is the perfect time to indulge in some hot coffee or tea to enjoy the rain, go on a romantic long drive with your partner. We get some relief from the scorching heat of the summer season finally.

But what about our home? Constant rain can damage many parts of our abode, so we need to monsoon-proof our home so that it stays protected from all the harshness of the weather. So, here are some easy tips to monsoon-proof your abode.

  • Instead of heavy drapes, opt for light curtains so that your rooms can have enough of sunlight. Sunlight can reduce the dampness of the room due to the rain and it will be refreshed.
  • After the rain, you may smell a musty odour in your room. This smell makes the rooms suffocating and dirty. So, eliminate the odour by lighting some aromatic candles in the rooms to make the air refreshing, pleasant and breathable.
  •  You can also put a quirky umbrella stand in one corner of your abode. This item will not only be a good addition to your home decoration, but it will also keep the place tidy. You can find all your umbrellas in one place.
  •  For storing things, keep open baskets in different corners of your space. This will prevent the moisture from getting collected in one place.
  •  During monsoon, dirt and moisture makes the place extremely dirty. So, keep jute or rubber doormats at the entrance of your abode to keep them away.
  •  If you have carpets, then make sure you vacuum them once every week during the monsoon. And if anyone stands on it with wet feet, then dry it properly. But it’s better to avoid carpets during the monsoon season.
  •  Indoor plants tend to attract bugs and insects during the rain which can harm you or your kids. And they also increase the dampness in your home. So, keep all your indoor plants outdoor for this time of the year.
  •  Make sure there re anti-slip mats in the floors. These will save you from falling on wet and slippery surfaces during the monsoon.

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Do you have a monsoon hack that never fails? Share it with us in the comments below.