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Mental Health and Home Decor: Redefine Yourself by Reinventing Your Space

Updated On : 04 Nov 2020

How to add simple changes to Script a positive aura at home

Mental Health and Home Decor: Redefine Yourself by Reinventing Your Space

Prior to the pandemic, nobody could have imagined that we will spend most of the time indoors. Thankfully, home has been a welcoming and cosy place where one could unwind, relax and recharge. But staying indoors, working from home for the last few months would have changed this feeling demanding you to reinvent your space. While this has brought us closer to the family, many of us would have begun to realise our immediate surroundings and space have an impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

As designer, we often are posed the question, how can décor help us in boosting mood and bringing in a certain positive energy to our home. The answer is quite simple: reinventing your space bit by bit is the trick. Small changes in decor can boost your mood, energy and overall wellbeing. Understanding oneself and creating a space that is not only comforting but also inspiring can go a long way in maintaining mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Here are a few tips for you to get started.

Creativity with Colours

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Our ancestors began expressing themselves through art in the form of cave paintings, and while we have come a long way from then, our expressiveness remains intact.

Reimage your space that reflects your individuality with colour and creativity. If you have an empty wall, use colour therapy to get creative. An empty wall can be the canvas for anything – a painting, some shelves, or maybe just a fun colour. Studies have shown that colours do play a role in influencing moods: for instance, blue can be calming, while yellow can be invigorating.

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Personal pictures are always a welcome addition – collages of your most memorable moments, or prints of your favourite hideaways, can help recreate the magic of the moment in your home. Or, a small and colourful chair or ottoman can be propped against this wall, creating a personalised space for reading, chatting or even getting homework done

Invest in Good Furniture

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Furniture has evolved from being just utilitarian, with aesthetic setups that are still ergonomic. Colourful ottomans and pouffes can brighten up any room, while a rug can make the difference between cosy and chic. The right furniture can make a huge difference to your home. For instance, Script’s Lagoon Bed is sure to be the masterpiece of any bedroom, with its elegant cushioned headboard, reading lights, and storage. Good, comfortable furniture can make you happy and is a quality investment.

Make Small Changes

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Changes to your space do not have to be big to make a difference. Rearranging your furniture can give a new perspective to your space and is a break from the mundane. Decluttering can help reduce distractions and would allow you to find a sense of calm in the minimalism. The simple addition of houseplants, décor for your desk, or a mirror to tie in the room can help create a positive aura.

Designate Spaces for Work and Leisure

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People tend to stop putting in effort into their surroundings when stuck indoors, and this could be a cause for negativity. While it may be convenient to do all your work in one messy room, it does more harm than good to your mental health. Designate an office space at home so that your body can differentiate between work and leisure. Set up a cosy reading corner with comfortable furniture and treat yourself to well-deserved breaks.

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Everyone has different tastes and redesigning your space to express yourself better can help you reimagine the freedom of living.

By Nagabhushan Hegde, chief designer, Script by Godrej and Boyce