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The right way to hang your artworks

Updated On : 02 Aug 2022

We often get confused as to how to hang artwork on our walls. Whether it should be one single big work or a cluster of small works, or which work is best for which wall also how many is too many for different walls. The placement from the ground also plays an important part in the display of artwork

Artwork by Shruti Vij

Art undoubtedly attracts attention. And there are many things that go into making a work-of-art look appealing.

The artwork itself and the material that frames them do play a role, but what also matters is how it’s hung, the position of the wall it is hung on, the negative space around it, and the décor of the entire space that surrounds it. Hanging art can sometimes dampen the joy of collecting. You want your new painting to look PERFECT, you’re having issues with your level, and the frame is much heavier than you realized.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

1. Simple rule

A lot of people like hanging their wall décor pieces way higher than eye level. But there’s actually a rule to this. Most art dealers and gallery owners swear by the 60 inches rule. Measure up 60 inches from the floor and mark the spot on the wall. This spot is where the center of your décor piece should be. And if you are hanging the art piece above furniture, you will need to leave around 6-8  inches of space above it. When hanging art above furniture like a sofa or bed, make sure the layout is about a third of the furniture’s size, as the artwork will otherwise appear odd by comparison. Again, keep it within eye level.

2. A Statement Piece

Let a large painting be the centerpiece of one of your living room walls and watch its charm unfold. 

An easy way to decorate a large wall space is to put up a single large piece, that can be your statement piece. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. But it needs to be something you really like. You can choose an abstract painting or also go for a minimalistic black and white photograph – absolutely up to you. But, bet on art for sure for small living room wall decor. The artwork should also relate space-wise to furniture, meaning a small work of art hanging six inches above a long couch won’t look right. However, a large work of art or multiple works would look great.

3. A Gallery Wall

Another way of decorating a bare wall is to turn it into a gallery wall. This essentially means that you’ll be using a lot of different pieces of art instead of relying on one single piece to do the job for you. When hanging multiple artworks, select a pattern to follow. It can be a simple grid that maximizes the use of lines or a more organic layout that suits your personality With any pattern, try to keep the spacing between the artworks consistent. There are two ways of going about creating your gallery wall. You can either hang a central piece and keep adding stuff all around it, or create a plan before you begin nailing them onto the wall.

The rule of thumb is that artwork should be easily viewable, regardless of if it’s one work or multiple works hanging as a group.