Ibiza Spring: The art of creating an eternal spring at home

10 May 2023

Although it is not written in any book, there is a type of spring we call Ibiza. It is a spring where white and green colours rule, and where sand is at the helm.

Photo credit: Mauricio Fuertes

Although it is not written in any book, there is a type of spring we call Ibiza. It is a spring where white and green colours rule, and where sand is at the helm. It is a spring where a small fountain waters the sunlight, and one filled with that which is born, that which says farewell, and that which we do not see, but feel inside ourselves.

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Photo credit: Mauricio Fuertes

If the briefing for this project were a season, it would be a dimly lit winter in the 1970s, looking to create a new path. With that in mind, interior designer Susanna Cots took charge of the design, guiding it toward the light by opening up the space using large windows looking outward so that nature could penetrate 350m² of this Mediterranean house, with 3,000m² of the garden.

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And so, spring begins 

The tour begins from the entrance hall, where the first opening reveals part of the garden that presides over the pool, and where the guest house can be seen as an annex to the house. It is a space that connects to the main building through a glass corridor.

A fusion between the natural and the intimate 

This spring, as in any season at the Susanna Cots studio, there is a language of fusion between the natural and the intimate, giving rise to a symmetrical dialogue between the interior and the exterior.

In this project, that dialogue is found in the living room and the kitchen, where the doors fully open: the porch becomes a dining room, and the dining room becomes an extension of the porch. The uniting element is a single chimney, projected in a symmetrical way, which is found in both rooms.

Give space to the essential, without saying it 

The dining room undoubtedly sits at the heart of the home and family activity. Like a jewel in the designer’s subtle style of framing prominent areas, the space is crowned by a natural beam ceiling and is defined by one of two cupboards that mark the identity of the room.

In the kitchen – which covers almost the entire elongated space of the house – another cupboard is found in the form of a small office and breakfast area.

What one thinks (opening yourself to the world) and what one does (celebrating the world) are elements that the interior designer knows how to transition from thoughts to reality, with the symmetry of spaces being a mirror of fidelity between thinking and doing.

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Connected to the dining room, the living room, with a television and an additional fireplace, offers moments of security and protection. Again, the designer creates a new interior-exterior projection here through doors that open completely to integrate the living room with a truly extroverted exterior: an exterior space with a purely Mediterranean-inspired white bench, accompanied by a fountain to refresh the surroundings.

With the same game of symmetries – vertical in this case – the upper floor contains the office, which is a versatile area for study and plays that becomes a third living room.

A garden culminating in a beautiful greenhouse

The garden features a Nordic-inspired greenhouse that serves as a meeting point for family and friends. It is a magical space that combines the enjoyment and warmth of any season of the year with ubiquitous gastronomy and beauty.

Maximum privacy in the upper areas

The versatility that the owners sought to infuse into the ground floor, as well as their desire to share every single corner of their home, is expressed through a protective intimacy engulfing the first floor. The maximum comfort point is reached in the master suite, where another fireplace warms the bed and the shower.

Two symmetrical suites that share a fully furnished bathroom were designed with doors integrated into the furniture, thus being hidden from the views of all rooms. The project also features another suite with a separate bathroom.

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Technical sheet

  • Built-in furniture: designed by Susanna Cots and custom-made
  • Sofa and armchairs: Atemporal
  • The kitchen table: antique dealer
  • Porch table: Antic Begur
  • Chaise Lounge: Crearte
  • Lighting: Simon, Maisons du monde
  • The suite's rattan headboard and bench: Vivie
  • Porch pieces are all handmade