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10 reasons to use greenery in decor

Updated On : 04 Nov 2020

Besides the fact that GREEN is just stunning, there are a many reasons why we love lush, organic greens but for now, we will give you top ten

10 reasons to use greenery in decor

If you have noticed , more often I use big branches of leaves in my styling instead of flowers. Mainly because, I enjoy the wild, yet simple no fuzz look greenery brings to the space. Also, why settle for the usual when you can create something unique for your everyday décor.

And by greenery here, I mean cut branches from trees & plants and not actual plants. In this post, I will give you not 1 but 10 reasons why you should use greenery in décor!

Green is the symbol of growth & prosperity. I have read somewhere that the color Green encourages a balance in your brain that leads to decisiveness. It brings a sense of security & also is perceived to symbolize abundance, renewal & life itself. It is really a no brainer to fill your home with this gorgeous color & what better way to do it than with adding some (or lot!) of foliage in your everyday décor!

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They are easily available – every walk to our neighborhood park with my daughter is like a shopping trip. She looks out for & collects wild flowers and I branches! And if I score a magnolia branch with one of those huge white gorgeous flower, I call it mission accomplished!

Greenery Home Decor
Foliage in the picture: From R-L: tall weed, small magnolia bunch, 2 palm leaves, 2 peace lily leaves, tall weed, pine leaves on the table.

They last longer – I shop for flowers only once a month or so & it really saddens me when they start to wilt & I start to look out for the next time I get to buy them again. But with foliage that is the not the case. They stay fresh for much longer than flowers do & when they do wilt, the next one is just a stroll away! Do put them in water & change the water every 2-3 days.

Greenery in Home Decor
Cut palm stems used as mantle décor
Interior Design Company
Perfection is overrated. A half dried Bird of Paradise leaf adorned my entryway for 2 weeks & it was beautiful in it’s own right.

Greenery decor ideas

They are free or cheap – you just need to keep a look out for them or ask your neighbor nicely if it is on their property

Interior Design Company in Mumbai
Tropical summery vibe in fall? Why not?!

They are versatile – you could use them in a lot of places. Put them in a vase or make a garland for the mantle or even use them as table centerpieces and table decorations.

Foliage used as table centerpiece here – mix & matched vases of different sizes & leaves of different patterns.
You do not even need an occasion to dress up your dinner table.. Everyday home can be beautiful too!

Brings in the nature/outdoor feel even if you have a black thumb. This is probably the one with biggest appeal! If you are just starting out with plants and do not yet have the lush indoor garden of your dreams, just bring in big branches & prop them in big vases to get the jungalow feel.

greenery decor for bedroom



From a bare branch to seasonal colorsthey come in a lot interesting shapes & patterns

greenery decor for bedroom
You don’t even need full branches, tall bare branches juxtaposed with a big round vase is an interesting combination!

It is unusual & that generates additional interest – so many times I have been asked “what that plant is?” when it was just a bunch of random tree branches.

greenery decor

It is the very definition of sustainable décor – local, natural, zero packaging needed & can self decompose in addition to all the above points! Ditch those faux branches today & embrace the understate elegance of greenery in décor!  Not just for your everyday décor, they can be used for your festival decorations too.

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