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Creating a pet friendly home

Updated On : 18 Jul 2021

The lockdown and living within four walls can be melancholic for our pets. Understanding and catering to our pets’ needs is a great starting point for creating a healthy and safe place for them.

Each new season always brings new vibes. While we prepare for summer and monsoons, the lockdown and living within four walls can be melancholic for our pets. Understanding and catering to our pets’ needs is a great starting point for creating a healthy and safe place for them. Whether you are dreaming of a completely new place or remodelling your current home, ask yourself if you are factoring in your pets before making decisions.

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As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to understand their needs and provide a safe environment. Here are a few things should be borne in mind especially during summer and monsoons.

Creating a pet friendly home
  • Adequate ventilation: A well-ventilated space is very important for every pet. It helps to avoid odour, get fresh air and reduce chances of infection. Overheating invites suffocation and is uncomfortable so keep their place well-ventilated during every season.

  • Durable fences: Make sure that the fencing around your home is strong and durable enough to protect your pet. This will also help in avoiding accidents.

  • Durable base: Tiling and flooring completely transform the look of a home. Remember that pets cause more wear and tear on your floors so choose stain-resistant and durable flooring for long-lasting purposes. Avoid slippery floors as it increases the chances of injury.

  • Stairs: Make sure that all stairs at your place are barricaded. Avoid using glass as a barricade as this can disorient your pet and lead to injuries

  • Doors: Use a frosted film or a decal whenever you're using glass for the interior. It is to avoid accidents. Use door stoppers as many of the times, pets can get locked inside the room. Keep them away from playing with doors for climbing or swinging purposes.

  • Avoid sharp edges: Protect your pets from the edges of furniture by covering them with cushions or corner guards. Avoid low tables as it increases the chances of chewing. To avoid break-outs, make sure that the doors and windows at your place are locked properly.

    Creating a pet friendly home


  • Right material: Choosing a stain-resistant material isn't enough. Make sure that the upholstery material of couches and chairs is smooth textured. It should be appealing and germ-free.

  • Abuse-free furniture: Avoid buying wicker and rattan furniture as it can be used for chewing or scratching by pets. Provide them special beds and multiple scratching posts.

    Creating a pet friendly home


  • Avoid the heat: Dehydration is a common problem during summers. Another problem during summers can be sunburn so choose the safest sunscreens and apply them regularly. Avoid taking your pets outside for too long. Keep them well-hydrated. Ensure that water for them is easily accessible. Give them a haircut as per the need of their body especially during summers and monsoon. A perfect haircut can help them to feel cooler.

  • Diet: Summer and monsoon is the time when your pets need lots of care. Get them vaccinated from time to time as summer is when they are prone to falling ill. Clean their paws and feet regularly. Make sure they eat and drink fresh. Keep their utensils separate and wash them regularly.

  • Safety: Consider designing each room in your place from your pet's point of view. Consider their level of bumping and tail-wagging. Don't keep electrical connections at their level. Avoid keeping breakable items at their level. Store toilet cleaners and other chemicals locked in a cabinet. Keep glassware, dustbins and toilet lids away from their reach. Keep medicines and human food away from their reach. Make sure that indoor plants are safe for them.

  • Health and hygiene: Summer and monsoon opens up avenues for infection. Special care should be taken and one should visit the vet for a regular check-up. Give your pets a regular bath and steam to avoid any fungal infection.

  • Dedicated space: Give your pet dedicated space to store their toys and accessories. Arrange designated space for them to sleep and eat as pets need their own space too. Give them enough space to move, play and walk around.

    Creating a pet friendly home

    We assure you keeping these tips in mind for your home makeover will be heaven for your entire family including your pets.

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