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Decorating home with Fresh flowers

Updated On : 18 Oct 2020

There's something special about fresh flowers how beautifully they spruce up the space. Guest blogger, Anupma Rastogi, shares some easiest cheapest way to use flowers to add zing and colour to your home.

Decorating home with Fresh flowers

Have you ever gazed at beautiful floral arrangements at hotels and restaurants and wished to have one at home. There's something special about fresh flowers how beautifully they spruce up the space. In fact easiest cheapest way to add zing and colour to home.

Whether bunches on dining table or romantic roses in bedroom corner they simply add beauty and freshness. One can buy fresh flowers but who needs expensive ones when so much variety and beauty is available in our surroundings. Yes local flowers have their own charm. How can one resist the Awesome Allamanda, Blushing Bougainville, Fragrant Frangipani, Fiery Flaming Forest, Gorgeous Gul mohar, Joyful Jasmine, Lovely Laburnums , Magical Madhu Malti, or Myriad Mustard list is quite long. All one has to do is simply look around in your neighbourhood, streets side, gardens, societies. Moreover because of season change the distinct varieties are available round the year. And they are FREE.

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Buying flowers on special occasions makes sense but daily it can be a costly affair. In addition who wants to repeat the same typical stuff available at florist. Believe me the simple joy of plucking directly from tree is priceless and so nostalgic. One advice be responsible and do not pluck from someone else garden without permission. Many times found the flowers lying on ground during my morning walk especially after a storm. While sniping flowers make sure to keep the stems long and keep leaves around the flower bunch.

Another important item in floral arrangement is vase. Using typical ones can be boring. But no needs to buy fancy ones simply try out with available household items. It could be Mason jar, empty glass bottle, Barni, Jug, Lantern, Glass bowl, Coffee mug, Copper utensils, Tea cup …..Even tried Appe pan depending on flowers size. Reuse and repurpose is the key.

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So get set go, a bunch of fresh flowers, some leaves, a household item, little imagination and see the magic. Sharing some simple styling ideas of my floralfix experiments also few with traditional twist.

1. Bougainville – Lantern, Barni, Glass bottles, Brass utensils

2. Madhu Malti in empty juice bottles

home decoration with flowers

3. Mustard flowers in copper lota

home decoration with flowers

4. Trumpet vine in Copper utensils

Trumpet vine in Copper utensils DIY decor idea design dekko using flower

5. Tecoma in Tea cup

Tecoma in Tea cup DIY home decor using flower design dekko

6. Plumeria in appe pan and bottle

Plumeria in appe pan DIY home decor using flower design dekko

DIY home decor using flower Plumeria in appe bottle Design dekko

7. Laburnum in jug

DIY home decor idea using flower Laburnum in jug design dekko

DIY home decor using flower Laburnum in jug design dekko

Few tips to keep Flowers fresh for longer times:

  1. Cut 1 to 2 inches off the stems at an angle while they are under water
  2. Change the water every other day and re-cut the stems each time.
  3. Dip immediately in water and add a pinch of salt and sugar to your vase
  4. Or mix 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and 2 tbsp sugar with vase water before adding the flowers
  5. Or pour ¼ cup of soda in a vase, the sugar in soda is said to make your blooms last longer
  6. Make sure the cut stems are covered by 3-4 inches of the water
  7. Remove all lower leaves below water line to prevent bacterial growth
  8. Avid keeping near open windows, heating or cooling vents and ceiling fans as they can cause the flowers to quickly dehydrate

Flower arrangement is all about imagination. Try these tips and tricks and enjoy the magic of fresh flowers.

Design Dekko guest blogger Anupma Rastogi. 
Contributed by Anupma Rastogi