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Father's day gifting ideas

Updated On : 10 Jul 2022

Fathers are the most selfless and giving humans in the world. For this Father's day, we have just the right gifting guide to choose from. With a little thought and a splash of creativity, you’re on your way to making this father’s day unforgettable.

Fathers day gifting ideas

Fathers are the most selfless and giving humans in the world. They sometimes might crack some dad jokes and occasionally wear cringe t-shirts but deep down you know that they are the coolest, giving you the most realistic view of the world, advising you on ‘being yourself' and making you all raring to go. 

We have just the right gifting guide to choose from – be it coffee mugs to office stationery for your papa or candle votive for creating that zen space! With a little thought and a splash of creativity, you’re on your way to making this father’s day unforgettable. 

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The Cheesy ‘best father in the world’ mugs are mundane and dated. We would advise you to ditch those and opt for a monochrome palm coffee mug. The design of these ceramic mugs is minimal and with subtle overlays of palm motif prints. They can keep it on their desks or use it at home while sipping their favourite beverage in style. The swirling safari conical mug is also another option for all the cool dads looking to get a hold of all unique and stylish things. The motifs on these mugs are simple and blended in bright yet sober hues of blue, red and yellow. 

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Often we forget how much dads would enjoy spending their ‘me time’ in a Zen space – whether reading their favourite books or sipping on a nice glass of whiskey. The pear pardine gleam glass nickel candle votive is just the gift for such occasions to create an ambience of relaxation and positivity. This votive candle made of brass comes in a pear shape with a nickel finish, giving it a bold look. Its lavender fragrance elevates your mood in no time.

Another important aspect when it comes to setting up the ambience of your home is lighting. Lamps make up a good gifting idea as it creates a mood of your choice and it comes with an extra pop of colour and a variety of contemporary and chic motifs that stand out as an important element of your home décor. The timber glow floor lamp is the finest choice to have beside a lounge chair as it makes a beautiful addition to any aesthetic home decor trend as well as dads can read a book or the newspaper in the ambience of the soft light coming from the lamp. 

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Personal accessories such as a good laptop sleeve are a must-have for all. Opt for an out-of-the-ordinary sleeve by ditching the browns and the blacks and get your dad the geometrical empress blue laptop bag. Blue & golden are colours that when blended together make an excellent combination. The empress's print and contemporary motifs make the bag look elegant and stylish. This is a perfect gifting option for your dads as the design radiates royalty.

The office desk is another such place which is dear to all dads. Accessorize his desk with some designer office stationery elements. The Monochrome Lotus Reiteration Stationery Combo Set is the perfect addition to his office desk. The design embeds monochrome lotus motifs, while the notebook combo set includes a notepad, visiting card holder and a pen. See your fathers falling in love with their workstations along with this beautiful stationery set. 

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