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Five ways to decorate a space to match your distinct personality

Updated On : 07 Nov 2021

Decor enthusiast, blogger and Design Dekko follower, Surbhi Dhuper, shares her five mantras to design a space.

Five ways to decorate a space to match your distinct personality

A house is a reflection of the personalities of the members who make it a home. However, at times, people of the same family can be as diverse as chalk and cheese. While everyone may agree on the overall decor, the heart may still yearn for a corner that is only yours.

Here are 5 ways in which you can go about decorating a place that resonates with your distinct personality.

1. Select a corner

Balcony decor by Sheer Curtain
Photo Courtesy: sheercurtain

Before you begin, think of a corner that speaks to you. It could be a quaint part of your large home; or a study that you use extensively. It could be as simple as setting up a home office in front of a window. However, ensure that the place gets enough lighting if you like to read or work from home. If it is only to lounge, you can get creative and select a space under the stairway.

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2. Imagine a style

Himalayan salt lamp can add some spark to the corner office within your home
 Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

To design the space as per your liking, find the design that speaks to you. If you are new to the world of interiors, you can take inspiration from tonnes of pictures on the world wide web. It could be Indian, Scandinavian, modern or rustic designs.

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3. Select a colour

Script, A Godrej Venture
Photo Courtesy: Script, A Godrej Venture 

As per the theme, choose colours that speak to you. For softer shades, go for pastel blues, greys, or greens. If you have an edgy personality and want to make a statement, go adventurous with colours like canary yellow, midnight blue or even deep shades of red. For a fun element, add textures or wallpapers.

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4. Pick the furniture

Home Furniture
Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

If you are on a tight budget, you can pick up a chair from your home and a footstool that has been lying around. You can even try to refurbish your old furniture with paints and decoupage. Another option is to change the upholstery for a completely new look.

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5. Add Accessories

Emanate House
Photo Courtesy: Emanate Home

The final step is to jazz up your space with vignettes, lighting and furnishings. Throw a rug, planters and decorative accents to create a space you can call your own.

Hot tip: Do not invest too much on accents so that you can change them frequently to achieve different looks. The article was submitted by Surbhi Dhuper (sheercurtain). The views expressed are of the author. Do you wish to contribute and feature? Submit your idea