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Home Decor Tips: Make your home monsoon ready

Updated On : 10 Jul 2022

Home Decor Tips: Whilst you take care of your abode, we have got you a perfect fix for your monsoon rain gear. Let's have a look.

Make your home monsoon ready

As monsoons arrive in their full glory along with the sweet fragrance of soil and the romantic weather, there is no denying that it brings respite from the scorching heat. On the other hand, monsoons also get along with it, with gloomy skies and extensive humidity. By adding a pop of color or a dash of mood lighting, you can give the much-needed seasonal uplift to your home. With just mixing and playing around with tasteful decor choices, sensible layouts, and effervescent colors, you can have your space look spanking new and monsoon ready.  

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The first thing we come across as we are about to enter the home is a doormat. Considering the weather a sturdy yet quirky doormat is always a good option to ensure the home remains dry and fresh. A heavy-duty doormat just like the Vintage on  Wheels Doormat. Made from coir, it’s easy to clean and will last through the seasons. 

The design features vintage cars printed over vivid hues of coral and aqua, guaranteed to catch your guests’ attention.

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Plants and flowers have their way of making the home look cheerful and bright while adding positivity to the space. Indoor plants like the money plant, the moth orchids, etc. have hues of green which add a peaceful vibe to your abode. While we use ceramic and earthen pots and vases, modern planters are an element that will step up your home decor. The Floret Delight Planter elevates your home decor and is an excellent way of enhancing the vibe of your home. The design will immediately catch your attention with its colorful motifs of different shapes against an indigo background.

The balconies and verandahs are lovely spots to enjoy the showers from within the constraints of the home. Decorating the outdoor space with tables and seatings along with some chimes and decorative wall-arts will allow you to enjoy a refreshing atmosphere. 

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The Peacock Dwar Side Table will balance the look of the balcony and can be used to serve hot cups of tea or coffee in the Mystical Garden Cup and Saucer (Set of 6). The motifs on the side table welcome the season whereas the cup and saucer with the white background and with jaguar and conifers blend amazingly to form a colorful and pleasant ambiance outdoors. 

Cushions are another way to express the hues of a bright atmosphere. Adding cushions to the corner chairs and sofas with blazing cushion covers will immediately spruce up the space making it warm and exuberant. The Lakeside Crane Flight Blended Velvet Cushion Covers are a great addition to your living room. It immediately transforms the seating area with bright hues of pink, yellow and blue. You can always experiment, mix and match and add a lot of color to your setting. With the beautiful flight of cranes and the lakeside motifs, this range of cushion covers is dream-like.

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Heavy fabrics and rugs are a strict no-no during the rainy season. You can place a thin, easy dry cloth rug in your living room that will still give an aesthetic and fun look to your place. The Clover’s Knotty Play Rug is one such breathable and light option that can replace your expensive rugs while still making the living area look rich and elegant. Made of cotton it is easy to maintain the hygiene of this rug during humid weather. The maze-like patterns along with roses and coniferous trees will rightfully anchor your couch while giving your abode a cozy vibe. 

Whilst you take care of your abode, We at India Circus have got you a perfect fix for your monsoon rain gear. The umbrellas are designed and crafted to break the monotonous stereotype that umbrellas are useful only on rainy days. The prints on the umbrellas have been inspired by modern contemporary arts, making them look stylish, and you look upbeat and fashion-forward! Opt for the Paisley Romance 3 Fold Umbrella or the Bird Land Long Umbrella to walk through any season in style. 

Whilst these are options you can adapt to your home space there is a lot more to explore. Mix and match décor elements to your liking.

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