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My bedroom, my style

Updated On : 23 Mar 2022

Every individual has a unique room, and whether you prefer pastels or electric colours, wallpapers or solids, empty spaces or tightly packed rooms, there is always something personal waiting for you.

Adorn your bedroom with style and colour

How many of us are working from home? Attending classes online? Or just enjoy spending time in the solace of our own bedrooms. A large majority right? They say your bedroom is the most important space in your house, it expresses a sense of harmony, comfort and moreover is just a representation of your personality. Thus it is so important that this space is able to strike a balance between tranquil and tasteful.

Here are some affordable tips for adorning your bedroom, to make it your ‘safe haven’.

The perfect scent 

Often we have instant emotional reactions to certain smells. This is primarily because of the associations our mind creates, whether it’s a sense of nostalgia, comfort or relaxation. Bringing something as simple as a candle with an exotic, meditative and floral scent such as fresh jasmine can help improve your day. 

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Some mood lighting 

For the times you don’t want an incredibly bright light burning your eyes, or a totally dull one making it unable to see properly, use a table lamp for the perfect moodsetter, diffusing enough light to create a warm vibe. A chic nesting table is a perfect set to hold your lamp and your jug of water by your bedside. Along with mood lighting and side tables, we can’t forget hydration. Opt for a jug set that fits perfectly by your bedside. Something like an eco-friendly bamboo jug set can make a spectacular addition to your room.

Eclectic wall art 

Choosing the right wallpaper for your bedroom is as important as having one, some may say. Your wallpaper may be the first thing you open your eyes to and can set the tone for your entire day. Some wallpapers like lunar splendour, showcasing a full moon, waddling egrets, palm motifs and more will give your walls a rich and classy appeal. However, if you’re not into extravagant wallpapers, consider wallpaper with an exceedingly simple yet modern look to uplift your walls. Featuring a falling curtain of plant-like elements laid at the forehead of a lattice background, the colours are earthy and make for a soothing addition to your home decor.

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Accessorize your bed 

Now to adorn your bed, probably the most significant part of your bedroom. Our beds should be a comfortable place, with cosy sheets and comforters with even better pillows. After all, a good night’s sleep is the key to many good days. With a quilted Rajai, featuring a mini representation of wildlife from florals, elephants and a chic tropical design, you can be assured that you’ll be sleeping well as well as adding a splash of colour to your space. If you want to opt for a lighter option, some hand-blocked prints of roses, chevron and patterns to complete your bedspread, along with matching pillowcases are perfect. Once your bed is made, deck up your interiors and make it stand out with a cushion in a myriad of shapes, sitting proudly on your bed. 

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Add a splash of colour 

From wall art to home accents, we have you covered. Whether you prefer dark hues or playful tones, we have you covered. Consider incorporating a rug in your room for a clean aesthetic. Feature rugs with an artistic representation and will definitely combine simplicity and modernity for the perfect serene environment. 

Now, every individual has a unique room, and whether you prefer pastels or electric colours, wallpapers or solids, empty spaces or tightly packed rooms, there is always something personal waiting for you. Go through our checklist of items to make sure your room has everything to make it your personal haven.

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