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Different ways to style a dresser or chest of drawers

Updated On : 25 Apr 2021

Home Décor Tips: Decor enthusiast, blogger and Design Dekko guest columnist, Divyangna Garg (jadooghar_decor), shares her ideas on how to style a dresser like a pro.

Different ways to style a dresser or chest of drawers

A dresser or more commonly called a chest of drawers makes for a perfect blank canvas in any home which can be styled and customised in infinite ways to achieve a look that goes with your personal style. It’s not just a stylish piece of furniture but is also very functional which you may use to store your crockery, daily essentials, knick-knacks, etcetera.

However, styling an aesthetically pleasant dresser is easier said than done. Obviously, there is no dearth of ideas on the internet but practically implementing what you see online usually comes off as a challenge because the things you end up seeing are either too fancy, or too expensive, or just not available.

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And therefore, here I am going to try and put together a few styling ideas implemented by me on the same dresser with home decor elements mostly easily available to cater to people with varying tastes.

1. The Classic Black and White or the Yin-Yang
Divyangna Garg jadoogar decor design dekko

For a sophisticated modern look, it is always a good idea to go with black n white décor elements. It’s a timeless classic move that is bound to work. In the picture, you can see that the anchor of this decor style is the mirror placed in the middle of the dresser; also ideal for adding some depth to the room. The black and white framed artworks on the sides, along with the black and white books, ensure that the yin-yang look is further accentuated. Adding silver tone statement candelabra, a white potted plant and a white candle with some shells completes the look here.

2. The Monochromatic Look
Divyangna Garg jadoogar decor blogger design dekko

If you’re more of a colourful soul and black n white is just not your thing, you could simply pick your favourite colour and style around it! Ever thought that it would be this easy?

Do what I did: I decided to give this dresser a makeover around shades of red. However, not everything needs to be or even should be, of the colour you pick because that would honestly be quite obnoxious or in-your-face. The key is to make your colour stand out by a nice balance. Here, a glam big red vase on the side brings out most of the chosen colour to the dresser.

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Then I have used wall plates that have some red along with other colours balancing out the red. There is a traditional red matka on the side along with a maroon and gold tray adorning a metallic vase with dried branches and some beige coloured books. This look is finished by a maroon fabric framed and set on the back of the matka. Overall this makes for a bright and impactful setting.

3. Indian treasure - Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
jadoogar decor, divyangna garg design dekko

Belonging to a culturally rich country with various art forms has abundant advantages for a décor enthusiast. You could be on a road trip, street shopping or in a fancy store, and find everywhere our local artefacts from different corners of the country. One way to put it all to use is by combining its aesthetic powers over a dresser. Similar to how it has been shown in the picture.

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Here I have used typical Indian terracotta pieces such as a kadhai, a serving pot and an oil diffuser. I have styled these with a very desi looking lampshade and a planter. For a sense of completeness, I have used an Indian traditional block printed runner.

4. Bring out the quirk
Divyangna Garg design dekko jadoogar decor

Now, if you’d instead not categorise your dresser décor and just put in whatever you own at one place, quirky décor is precisely your cup of tea. In this kind of styling, avoid following any particular colour combinations or patterns and just go to create a happy corner for yourself. In my quirky styling, as shown in the picture, the pineapple planter is just perfect for that cute, eccentric component.

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The colourful framed poster is ‘The Goldfish’ by Henri Mattisse, 1912, which you may choose to replace with any poster of your choice. Adding to the look is a crystal vase with some dried leaves and two small planters. Feel free to experiment with this in your own way.

Key takeaways

Finally, for your ease of styling, I am summarising below the key takeaways from all the different styles I’ve captured above-

  • Picking your furniture piece: Any size or style of a dresser, or even a console table, works. All you need is a flat surface for your creative display.

  • Add a statement piece: This is probably the most critical step. You need to pick out something that works as the anchor piece for the dresser, that doesn’t really move and holds the mainframe. It could be a mirror or a painting, a framed photograph or a poster. Look for something bold and big or a combination of 3-4 pieces put together, like in the pictures above.

  • Experiment with height: Make sure that the décor accents you place on top of the dresser are of varying heights. That adds more volume to your space while also maintaining balance.

  • Add varying décor elements: This step is relatively simple; use whatever you like or own here. Books, plants, vases, bowls, kettles, photo frames, sculpture- as long as you stick to one of the aesthetic themes above!

  • By now, it is not difficult to see how a single piece of furniture can be used to freshen up the space and give the room a whole new look. With the help of a little guidance, we all can create that perfect space of our dreams. However, in actuality, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to home décor and creativity, it’s all about what looks most pleasing to your eye.

So happy styling, always!