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Off-beat Christmas décor from the comfort of our homes

Updated On : 26 Dec 2021

Architect and interior designer, Paushika Gupta (founder of Paushika Gupta Architecture + Design) shares tips on Christmas decor

Off-beat Christmas décor from the comfort of our homes

What makes the festive season even better is the décor that it surrounds itself with. The dim Christmas lights, candy canes, wreaths, and the chill in the air – all make up for the festive valour. Red and gold or green and silver have always been the classic Christmas colour schemes.

In the 80s came around the multi-coloured themes of tinsel trees, kaleidoscopic lights and 10 million colours together. In today’s time, one wants to keep it subtle yet festive, which means one should ideally draw inspiration from their current home palette. We take you through the different décor items one can deck their house up with in order to make it more festive, but also utilise what one already owns in order to spend that extra buck on your favourite wine.

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Off-beat Christmas décor from the comfort of our homes

Christmas is about experiences, be it decorating your Christmas tree or sipping a mug of hot chocolate snuggled up in your favourite throw, or sipping your favourite wine reading a nice book. The jewel tones, hues of green and red that fill up the space initiate Christmas weather. It’s about optimizing what you possess and making the best of it. One can never go wrong with scented candles, fresh flowers, a touch of gold in the surrounding and a whole lot of warmth. Your Christmas decoration ideas should be in sync with the rest of the interiors of your space. The golden rule is to stay true to your taste when it comes to the style of your festive interior.

Off-beat Christmas décor from the comfort of our homes

The addition of fresh white or red flowers to go with the theme of your space can work wonders. White is evergreen. The flowers can range from chrysanthemums to roses to lilies, your favourite flowers can be game changers. Paired with ever available white or clear china help bring about a Christmassy charm inside the house. One can add hints of contrasting accessories to the space to bring in some more tonal drama. Draw up some nested tables for keeping that glass of wine. Nested tables are a great approach to making a space comfortable and usable.

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A hint of metal imparts a glow to the space, be it brass finish accents or silver accents. Metals add a touch of luxury to any space, however, these need to be used sparingly. Add a touch of brass to make it even more festive. This could be a throw on the couch, or just simple platters containing nuts and your favourite mug of hot chocolate.

For Christmas season, symbolic reign deer décor pieces can be used, either on a dining setup or as a side table décor element. Being able to spend time at home means indulging in activities with friends and family, this could include doing DIY candle stands with leftover glass bottles as in the reference image, these double up as décor and memories created together.

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Another great way to accessorize for the holiday season is to use candles. This decorative element is ever present in every household. Mood-setters to make the space cosy and warm. Candles can also be therapeutic – one can get them in a variety of fragrances. Console tops or dining table tops can be decorated with a cluster of candles and lamps. One can make a combination of white and golden pillar candles and it will set the tone of the house just right.

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White is a classic, timeless colour, and when it comes to Christmas décor – it’s a very contemporary yet complimentary choice. It’s because of its crispness over archetypal festive tones of warmth and jolliness. Add to this the recent trend for Nordic-style interiors where all-white, pared-back Christmas interiors are celebrated, which always feel closer to contemporary, minimal design. Pair white decor with a touch of glass along with an abundance of candles to up the ante on the contemporary side to its character. Décor could include real or artificial white flowers with tones of silver to compliment it.

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For more traditional style of homes, one can use warm white bulbs to add a glow to the Crip white décor. Plenty of decorations also help a tree to look more classic too rather than a sparse scattering. For a traditional take on white, it’s a case of more is more.

Off-beat Christmas décor from the comfort of our homes

Winter time is about creating warm cosy surroundings for comfort and warmth. Adding throws to chairs and sofa settings is a must. Furry ones are not only comfortable but also add a sense of richness to the space. This could be colour on colour or one can add pops of colour to the surroundings in contrast and make it brighter.

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