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Pop goes the art

Updated On : 15 May 2022

Pop art’s simplicity stands out and makes it a popular art form and that’s where it derives its term. In today’s times, when digital media has made content creation of all kinds accessible to different people, pop art fits in perfectly for its appeal and accessibility.

Pop goes the art

Pop art – is a provocative and daring, bold and colorful interior style. Pop art adds another dimension to your walls. It’s colourful, funky, lively and adds character to the walls. Pop art is full of fun and colour, but the process of creating an artwork is never that simple. Pop art gives artists the freedom to experiment. It’s a very dynamic and agile artform that just lets you be.

You can never have enough of pop art, as soon as you finish one piece, you can’t wait to start with another one. That’s a kind of joy that I might not always experience with other art forms that I practice. Usually, you wait for the process to end and want to take some time off to rejuvenate. Some artworks are more demanding, and you end up investing all your energy into them. Pop art doesn’t tire me and it’s like a constant flow of ideas in my head that need an outlet. Sometimes, artists need time off to reclaim the energy they have put into their artworks, but with pop art it’s usually a continuous process.

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Also, the burst of colour is inspiring. It’s close to what I am deep down. I am a cheerful and happy person and I think pop art reflects that facet of my personality very well. The faces I create in my pop art are happy, assertive, confident faces. They are simple, straightforward and easy to interpret. In most cases what I create is what the viewer sees in these artworks.  

What’s fascinating about pop art is its diversity. The Marilyns and Fridas are not necessarily similar to another artist’s rendition of the same personalities. The works of the stalwarts of this artform such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, James Rosenquist are each very different from the other. What binds them together is their desire to think out of the box and their experimentative works. They turned the most mundane objects into artworks and gave the viewer a perspective to view art in everything. Seeing art in everyday life adds a joy to it. Pop art deserves the credit for democratizing art and making it a part of everyday life.

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The universality of pop art is yet another of its qualities. It appeals to everyone, right from an experienced art aficionado to a person who may not have been exposed to different forms of art.

Pop art can enhance your decor if placed correctly. The foyer and walkways are perfect spaces that fit pop art. The good thing is that pop art fits in well anywhere. Kid’s rooms or teenagers' rooms mix and match with framed black and white photographs. Pop art placed in juxtaposition with black and white photography will add so much value to your walls. Because pop art is so bright there is always a risk of cluster or overcrowding. Don’t make the walls too busy, and intersperse with abstracts in pastels to make it lighter on the eyes. 

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