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Sustainable home decor ideas for a mindful home

Updated On : 03 Dec 2022

You can make your house look however you like while continuing your work to make the Earth a better place to live. Here are five home decor ideas that blend style and sustainability.

Sustainable home decor ideas for a mindful home

You may spend hours searching the internet to find the perfect home decor design for your home. You might also want to think about adopting a sustainable approach given that we all now want to reduce our carbon footprint. The good news is that many of us have started modifying our habits and introducing new lifestyle changes. Using eco-friendly decor ideas is one of many. Yes! We’re integrating eco-friendly decor ideas into our old-looking homes. Stainless straws, recyclable shopping bags,  and steel and glass containers instead of plastic ones.

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The dilemma, however, is that having the perfect design for your home while staying eco-friendly might be one of your worries. Fortunately, we’ve got five home decor ideas that blend style and sustainability. You can make your house look however you like while continuing your work to make the Earth a better place to live.

Growing indoor plants

A great design phenomenon, indoor plants have become a usual part of the design trend in the last decade. The pollution outside has certainly increased with the thick smog making its way indoors adding toxic air to the environment. Indoor plants help combat pollution levels inside any space. While you make these changes, let’s try to ditch the brown plastic pots for these plants.

The wannabe mud pots made of plastic will certainly not add to your indoor style quotient. Instead, opt for metal planters. These beautifully designed planters are long-lasting and are a sturdy option. You can also use mud pots, but sustainability is all about preserving existing things in the long run. Mud pots can break and leak. Hence, you can opt for these stylish planters that make for the best sustainable option for your home. 

Change your lighting 

While selecting a home, it is best to choose one with ample sunlight. This prevents the unnecessary usage of electricity in the mornings. Just in case you do not have access to this and your home feels a little less bright, opt for energy-efficient lighting. Less electricity reduces the waste created at power plants. All you need to do is make a simple switch.

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While these are all functional aspects of lighting, what about adding some oomph to that? Worry not, as many of our lamps, shades, and bases are made out of sustainable materials like wood, cloth, etc. while minimizing plastic usage. These lamps come in spectacular designs that will surely match the design theme of your home.

Adapting to wooden and metal furniture

Whether you want to change your flooring, upgrade cabinets, or find carved decor pieces, stick with reclaimed wood. It’s recycled and doesn’t hurt the environment to use in your home, unlike buying something new made from recently destroyed, oxygen-supplying trees.

Having your hands on reclaimed wood is not always possible. Instead, you can invest in long-term and well-built metal or wooden furniture that will carry a legacy for future generations. Similar to the wooden and metal pieces we see in a museum or palace, everyone can have something as grand as that at their homes. The Chevron Palm Stools are a superb addition to your home. These stools look stunning while adding a magnificent look to any room. Apart from that, these stools are conveyable and can be a part of your bar counter, galleries, living area, and much more.

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Similarly, the Feathered Garden Wooden Bench is another marvellous addition to your home. This bench will take your home decor design a notch higher and will be an attractive addition to your decor elements. 

Using bamboo serveware 

The dinner table and the kitchen are incomplete without jug sets. These products are the water stations for house members and, guests. Get over the boring steel and plastic jug sets. One of the obstacles we all face while using steel jugs is that eventually, they start losing their lustre and functionality. Bamboo is a sturdy material that is also eco-friendly. Our jug sets are a suitable option for your chic, sustainable home. The designs are effervescent, and the material goes a long way.

Similarly, bamboo containers from India Circus are another efficient choice to select for serving guests, carrying snacks for your office, or simply storing any snacks in them.

Opt for timeless designs rather than falling for trends

Style is something you learn over time. A specific style is a reflection of one’s personality. Styles often become timeless. On the other hand, trends are something that moves along with fast-paced lives. The use of stickers on walls was a trend in the 2010s. This could never replace good old wallpaper and wall colours. The trick to staying on top of your game is to not fall for trends if you are thinking about sustainability. Sure, many trends these days promote sustainability, but not all would look great in the long run. A good mix of both sustainability and style is rare, but once combined, it is forever.

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