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Theory of Mind: Synchronising the conscious and the subconcious

Updated On : 07 Nov 2021

Did you know your space is an extension of yourself? Have you ever wondered why certain spaces make you feel happy, and some don’t? Did you ever think there is a connection between your space and your mental wellness?

Theory of Mind: Synchronising the conscious and the subconcious

Well, let me tell you there is. Our mental and emotional state is strongly affected by the space we live in. Our home is a reflection of our feelings and emotions and vice versa. I say this because “your” imagination takes a form using colours, shapes, textures, patterns, etc. to make it your reality by tangibly expressing your thoughts and feelings through your space.


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Integrating the mind, body and space while designing inimitable products and spaces through the use of colours, forms and emotions is known asdesign energy’. A life-transforming theory known as the “Theory of Mind”, which is a technique of synchronising the two dimensions - Conscious (space) and the Subconscious (mind & body) is used to elevate and transform the energy of that space.



Your “space” speaks your story, your desires, your passion, what you enjoy doing, how you feel in certain spaces, who you spend your time within your space, and how you spend your time with others in your space. Whether we’re aware of it or not, our homes are one of the few places where we have the creative freedom to express ourselves through tangible objects. I believe it’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings because your home can influence your life. Just in the same way you influence your surroundings, your surroundings influence you.


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For instance, imagine spending time in a space where the curtains are closed, there are no plants, the space has very dull colours, and it’s not clean. By being in that environment for a period, do you know what will happen to you? You will start to feel depressed.


Now imagine walking into a sunny, bright, cheery room, which is clean and has parts of you in it, how would you feel - joyful, happy, uplifted. The space we spend our time in matters a lot. It is an important aspect as it is constantly triggering many feelings and emotions of what we want and how we want it but don’t know how to achieve it. Your space has a mighty influence on your surroundings which reflects in your life. You must frequently rearrange or redecorate your home so that it supports you in creating the life you desire. How you take care of your body, and its needs similarly, your space needs attention too. The colours and forms that blend to create the look and feel of your space play an integral role in the way you live your day to day life. Create a home that reflects your best self and your highest aspirations. Put your mind and soul to it after understanding the resemblance.


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Frequently, I’m asked that as an individual, are we ready to change the place that is at the centre of our everyday living to change our lives?


Your home can influence how you think, feel and act; therefore, your home can shape all aspects of your wellbeing—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual—and all areas of your life including your health, wealth, relationships, and career. Think for a moment about your home or take a look around. What adjectives would you use to describe your home? Are these adjectives describing you, your life, or a part of your life? More importantly, are these words describing the person you want to be and the life you want to live? Live in a home that looks and feels the life you desire to live. The energies that you bring to your home will be the same energies you see reflected in your life. Connect with your spaces aesthetically as well as functionally.


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Being a Theta Healer and having understood the human mind, I learnt the gift of activating emotions, feelings and intuition. As a design energist, this enables me to design intuitive products and spaces by combining the intangible (emotion) and tangible (products) energies together.


For example: If your goal is optimal health, consider whether your home supports and reflects this goal. Ask yourself these consequential questions;

  • Is your kitchen clutter-free with pots and pans in easy reach making it easy to prepare healthful meals?
  • Are there bright colours infused in the space, where you spend your maximum time to evoke feelings of vigour, power, strength to elevate your energy?
  • Does the space where you feel low and unmotivated have a green corner or objects/ products that reflect you to shift and uplift the energy of the space, thus uplifting your energy?
  • You love your workout gear and clothes—are they organised and accessible?
  • Do the images in your home, such as photos of yourself, depict you looking healthy, happy, and thriving?

These crucial details are paramount to a healthy lifestyle and a humanised space. Once you understand this connection between your home and your life you can make simple changes in your home to allow your home to be an incredible source of support, a wellspring of joy, place of inspiration, and tool for transformation. Our homes support us to expedite the process of transformation if we are ready to change it in little ways.


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I believe a home is an outward manifestation and reality of your inner experiences, memories and beliefs - basically a reflection of you. Hence, every product or space designed by us is detailed and personalised, keeping the client in mind by taking them through a process. Every piece is meticulously crafted, solely for the client. I believe that every human being is unique and special.


Hence products designed by us for a client are curated by making it special and unique only for their space. One distinct aspect is the purpose of developing every piece is based on emotion. Everything that we see around us creates a thought with an emotion attached to it. Basically, emotion and energy are all around us. Therefore, the piece designed by us evokes that emotion which one can experience when the product becomes a part of their space.


The article has been contributed by Arpita Bhandari, Founder, Arpita B Design Studio. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s.