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Transforming Homes in Quarantine

Updated On : 27 Jun 2021

The immediate thing that we seek from our homes during these difficult times is the calm and peace to tide over the stressful events around us. Spaces that relax us and double up as our personal retreats – that’s what is the need of the hour.

Transforming Homes in Quarantine

At the same time, we need to get work going, so a comfortable or full-fledged office space with ergonomical furniture that helps us to be productive, and areas to take care of wellness of the family members, and entertain are essential. So you need to transform the home to play the many roles it has come to play. At Essentia, we strive to create blissfully serene environments using soothing, neutral palettes with minimal décor, ensuring maximum comfort and style.

Transforming Homes in Quarantine

The open and expansive spaces designed to interact with the exteriors seamlessly create a naturally luxurious vibe. And we would recommend the same. Design has the power to transform not just spaces, but also the moods of people living there, so employ it to bring a sense of comfort, beauty and long-lasting peace of mind.

Transforming Homes in QuarantineWith design that is unhurried and unforced, you achieve natural environments that touch the finer side of you. Muted shades and pastels have a soothing effect on the mind. Opt for natural tones that are calming. With that as backdrop, you can play around with colours of your choice through artworks, cushions, accessories to add brightness.

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When faced with bigger challenges, we long for simplicity and beauty around us. Do away with clutter for spaces that are easy on the eyes and mind. Earmark each space so that you organize things around that with all specific necessities with no excess.

Transforming Homes in QuarantineReduce design elements to bare essentials, but make them truly stand out. Include articles, mementoes and photographs that are personal and cherished as they bring the reassurance of good times. They keep the happy nostalgic vibe alive.

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Take care to plan your workstation with ergonomical chair and table so that your work from home experience is physically comfortable and productive. Organisation is important. Ensure ample storage for all gadgets like printer, scanner and other paraphernalia like papers, files and books, etc. Hide all wiring and hardware to create a visually clean and neat space. Soft boards and pin-up boards allow you to display to-do lists, messages and memories. Simple, yet stimulating décor will keep you excited about getting to work every morning.

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This is also a time, we are missing out on our interactions with nature. So surround your home with natural materials to evoke warmth and cosiness.

Transforming Homes in QuarantineBring in greenery and potted plants to introduce an invigorating and refreshing air. Update your home to resemble a retreat with soft lighting and gentle décor. While living room is becoming the place for families to come together and spend a lot of quality time together, bedrooms are being used extensively too to sit by the lounge for some quiet time or at the study table for work. Basically every corner of the home is now being used well, so pay attention to make it appealing. Personalise as much as possible so that one feels absolutely at home.

Home transformation during quarantine is all about making it more comforting and easy on the eyes and nerves.

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