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Ways to create the ultimate home studio for your reels and selfies

Updated On : 02 Oct 2022

Your very own home studio is a sacred sanctuary where your creativity and ideas come to life. Let's have a look at some ideas for a personalized home studio.

Ways to create the ultimate home studio for your reels and selfies

Being a creative artist on social media or finding the perfect spot for pictures and selfies can be a daunting task. Surely you need one that doesn’t take up too much space but how does one make the most of a limited area? Your very own home studio is a sacred sanctuary where your creativity and ideas come to life. This territory can either be your balcony, a corner of your living room, bedroom or any space with ample sunlight. Don’t fret over a big room or small room. The inspiring decor elements by Krsnaa Mehta will add the design oomph anywhere to help you ace your pictures and videos!

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Adding definition to your walls

A concrete wall with a table, a couple of cushions and throws in a minimalistic way will look good but aren’t everyone’s backgrounds then looking the same? A striking wallpaper is sure to up the game and adds a touch of opulence to your space. The City Fever Vibrancy Wallpaper is the perfect match to add the quirk required. A retro-inspired cityscape with the bustling life of Mumbai is perfectly captured in a contemporary manner with vibrant and attractive designs. The signature motif of Krsnaa Mehta – the rickshaw and the dome-shaped Mughal arches are seen playing a pivotal role in this wallcovering. 

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Not only wallpapers but assembling wall art in a uniform sequence or diagonally will add a pop of colour to your backgrounds. The Merriments in Palms Canvas, the Countryside Tusker Framed Wall Art, the Midnight Aesthetic Yield Canvas, etc are some signature art pieces that blend across any design theme.  

Shelves and cabinets can be used smartly to display artful figurines, wooden masks and wall plates. These elements will add a style of their own and stand out in your selfies and reels. The Neon Pink Owl Figurine Set will liven up the mood of your art station. These cute decor accents for your home make any backdrop pop and add the much-needed artsy touch.

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A mirror can parlay functionality and style easily. Opt for the Floral Delight Wall Mirror to add an element of surprise yet elegance The beauty of mirrors is that they can make spaces look more prominent. This Floret Delight Wall Mirror comprises a varied combination of different shapes and sizes of florals making for an interesting watch. Ensure that this piece from your favourite home decor brand makes it to your walls.

Keep it organised

Whether using a big space or a small one, your shoot set needs to be organized and well-kept. The shelves and bags can contain your tripods and ring lights with other essentials but what causes the main hassle is the things which crop up last minute. Having fancy organizers will add up to the style quotient of your space and will double up as storage. The Arches of Enigma Storage Boxes are to the rescue. The visual elements on the boxes like birds and flowers make for an aesthetic design and a great option to store your jewellery and other essentials.

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The Magenta Biome Mystique Storage Box will turn your studio into a tidy haven while making it look appealing. Add your stationery or quick makeup fixes in these whimsical storage containers to declutter and organise. 

Make it comfortable

This place is going to be  “Your” place. It needs to reflect your style and personality. You will not only be shooting but spending time here editing and brainstorming for your next big idea. Adding an assortment of tables and seating options can help you recreate different looks. A big warm bean bag just like the Pine Twist Bean Bag along with the Robin Bird Park Pouffe will truly add to the multifunctionality of your existing decor. A couple of Bloom Chamber Square Side tables to each side will add a sense of uniqueness and elevate your studio a notch higher.  With its rustic wooden finish and a deep red design, the flower motifs and geometric patterns exhibit elegance and grace. 

Add your signature touch

Every artist embraces a unique style for which they are renowned. Similarly, you can add a touch of your magic to the existing spaces to make them look avant-garde.  Florals to contemporary or traditional to modern, the design will tell a tale on your behalf. Personalize your DIY studio space with a fun rug, planter, curtains, a cosy chair or play with lighting. The bottom line is that however tiny or humble your studio space is, you can customize it in a way that both expresses your creativity and doubles up as a creative arena.

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In the end, your home is your safe space and haven. A sanctuary where you can be yourself. All you need to do is create that exceptional place that reflects you.