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Godrej Interio transformed the kitchen area of Fashion Designer Purvdeep Mhatre

Updated On : 13 Jun 2021
Godrej Interio had worked with Fashion Designer Purvdeep Mhatre to transform his kitchen area and make it elegant and functional. Check the final result below.
Godrej Interio transformed the kitchen area of Fashion Designer Purvdeep Mhatre

Godrej Interio has always been able to amaze their customers with their cool and elegant designs, functionality and of course sustainability. Be it bedroom, living room, and even the kitchen, Godrej has never failed to show their magic to spruce a particular space up. They worked for fashion designer Purvdeep Mhatre and made the kitchen area of his family home an elegant space with functionality. Let’s take a look at the creation of Interio team.

Purvdeep with his family had been living in this house for almost 10 years and they were thinking to renovating it. So, Godrej transformed the kitchen area of the house which is an integral space that brings the entire family together. They didn’t only like the final outcome done by the Godrej team, but also loved collaborating with the designers to make the final decision.

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The whole designing process was extraordinary as Godrej paid keen attention to the customer’s needs and tried their best to understand what they want. Then they have also kept in mind about bringing functionality to every part of the kitchen. The Mhatre family’s overall experience with Godrej Interio was great.

The kitchen was designed in all-white with white countertops and cabinets. There was enough storage-space with proper lights to make the area bright. Check the video below to see the transformation.

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