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Monsoon Care: How to upkeep your furniture

We are all at home, and we are in the middle of monsoon. As we prepare for the onset of the festive season, we cannot wish away the troubles monsoon brings along.

As you watch the clouds gathering and wish for a heavy downpour, you wish you don't have to face the hassles that come along with the monsoon rains. Water seeping through the walls, termite infestations, fungus covering your walls, wooden and fabric furniture’s and not to mention the respiratory problems are few of the problems caused due to this.

Maintaining the pristine glow of your furniture during monsoon becomes a herculean task. As the humidity levels rise in the air, it not only affects the exterior of your houses but also jades away your precious silver, classy leather and elegant wood.

Timely care and upkeep is required to keep the furniture and cabinets good as new and healthy. Wood having an affinity for moisture becomes swollen during monsoon. Creaking furniture, damp sofas and smelly cupboards are common sights during monsoon but with little care and preparation one can beat the blues with flair and style.

High moisture level causes growth of mould on furniture and extreme changes in temperature causes cracks, raised grain, dull finishes, or worse. Leaking pipes, furniture kept next to windows, high humidity and cooking are few of the potential sources for moisture during monsoon. These moulds can cause severe health problems if not treated on time. Therefore, there is a need to prevent them which can be done with a little care and attention

So here are some practical tips to shield your wooden beauties this monsoon season:

Placement and care

Monsson furniture care Black mould on furniture

Avoid placing your fine wooden furniture near the windows, as exposure to rain can be harmful. Also, cross ventilation is a must for it keeps the room dry.

Never use a wet cloth to clean your sofas or chairs as moisture makes sofas damp. Use a soft and dry cloth to clean them. Clean frequently, in-case of a fungal growth on sofas, dip a soft cloth into a mixture of a liquid antiseptic and tepid water and rub the infected area with it and let it dry.

It’s always better if you can keep a dehumidifier in your room; especially, if you have pieces of antique furniture. This increases its durability.

Wardrobes and wooden floorings

Wardrobes and cupboards should be kept a few inches away from the walls as the latter are damp in the monsoons. Place a few naphthalene or camphor balls in your wardrobe as they will absorb moisture. Neem leaves in cupboards are effective against silver fish, a common problem during rainy season. Cloves are an equally effective remedy.

Wooden floorings should properly Waxed (polished) as the moisture content in hardwood floors tends to make them warp.

Get rid of Mold

Mycelium + Timber Collection. Courtesy: http://www.ninelaivanova.co.uk/ Photography by Petr Krejci

Unless you are fond of Sebastian and Ninela Ivanova designed MYCELIUM+TIMBER collection, you need to get rid of those molds. 

Mold can have some negative health effects including allergic reactions, asthma, sneezing and other respiratory problems. Black mold in a kitchen can even trigger asthma episodes in asthmatics. To get rid of the same, identify the source of moisture in kitchen and keep the area dry. Ventilation in a kitchen will help reduce humidity levels that are often caused by cooking. Black molds can be cleaned off on hard surface with water and detergents. 

Carpets, Upholstery and panels

Carpet upholstery panel care during monsoon

Carpets should be done away with, during monsoons. If they are cotton ones, you can roll them and store away. But if they are made of more expensive material, add some silicon bags while rolling them. In case, you must keep them, make sure that you don't step on them with wet feet and ensure its dry.

In case of Fungus accumulation identified in any Panel based or Upholstered product, kindly apply Anti-Fungal Solution which is readily available in Market.

These little and easy tips will make sure that your furniture remains healthy and clean during monsoon.