Epistle Communications sets up Creative OPD

02 Jul 2020

The New Delhi based marketing communication agency for architects and interior designers launches a series of digital initiaitves for architects and designers.

Running an architectural or design studio is as much a creative challenge as it is a managerial one. While good design remains the foundation of a successful practice, architects and designers also need to engage with their peers, communities from allied professions, and more importantly- the society at large, to ensure that their work remains visible – and their business viable.

For the New Delhi based marketing communication agency Epistle Communications, which works in architecture and design field, the tough times ushered in the idea to use the digital medium to create conversation.

Spearheading the #designgoesdigital campaign, the team at Epistle has been focused on creating content that adds value and occupies the media in the digital realm.

Commenting on the idea the firm said that it has always prided in creating and curating content for media. “Today more than ever, people all over are connected on Zoom, on Instagram Live, or Webinars, engaged in conversation on design, conversation on cities, the environment that we inhabit, sharing all the knowledge that was otherwise restricted to the silos of the physical studios that us architects and designers had created for ourselves,” the firm said in a press statement.

As they say, unprecedented times call for unconventional actions. Epistle has set up a #creativeOPD to help architects, designers and design brands with showcasing work better; be it creating a website or choosing the right social media platforms, or strategies for curating content.

And as the company states in its statement: ‘Essentially, anything and everything to help you #BeKnown – completely free of cost’.

This has been followed up with a series of Instagram live sessions focusing on how to create a brand equity using earned and social media channels. These sessions have covered several key subjects have been touched upon from how to create an engaging website, doing PR for architects, how architectural journalism is different, to photography and even content strategy.



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