This cafe in the old city of Barcelona is a model for luxurious design

19 Jan 2021

Designed by El Equipo Creativo, this unique and different atmosphere invites everyone to come in, relax, and enjoy the various areas of the hotel, such as the Cafe Got. 

Cafe Got is a spot where the city of Barcelona and the Hotel Kimpton Vividora come together: an active space with a long façade facing the street which invites guests and locals to enter and interact. The designers soon understood that the space of the bar--located in the lower level of Hotel Kimpton Vividora, and with a long façade facing the street-- should be part of the neighborhood, acting as a connection between the city and the Hotel. 

Photo credit: One Represent Agency

Ciutat Vella, and more specifically the Gothic Quarter and its street atmosphere, became one of the main inspirations for the design, where little narrow streets lead you to unexpected plazas, patios, and entrances to residential buildings. 

Stone, greenery, and water are the essential ingredients of these fresh oases in the city and it was decided to introduce these same ingredients in the design of the bar. A double-height space with a cascade of glass lamps connects with the lobby area on the first level bringing a fresh and watery effect to the project. On the lower level, a comfortable lounge sitting-area, close to the façade and visible from the street, invites guests and locals to enter and relax.


Green custom-designed ceramic tiles with geometric patterns, inspired by Barcelona’s broad ceramic craftsmanship tradition, are applied to walls and dividers, which, together with natural plants, bring the green touch to space. Patterns jump to other surfaces, as the golden dividers and ceiling elements.

As a discreet protagonist, the bar element sits at the back, like an elegant bright stone block in contrast with the travertine floors.  Terracotta carpets and walls together with reddish wooden finishes give the warm contrast.

Photo credit: One Represent Agency

Different and carefully selected pieces of furniture, with an emphasis on local brands and designers, give it a casual, inviting atmosphere with a local flair. 


Project Data

  • Location: Carrer del Duc, 15, 08002 Barcelona
  • Website:
  • Client: IHG Hotels, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Casacuberta Property Development
  • Floor Area: 6340 m2 
  • Completed: 2020
  • Photographer: Adrià Goula, One Represent Agency
  • Concept and interior design: EL EQUIPO CREATIVO _ Oliver Franz Schmidt + Natali Canas del Pozo + Lucas Echeveste Lacy 
  • Design collaborators:
    • Kimpton Hotels Design Team: Ave Bradley + Henry Reeve
    • Architecture & Construction Supervision: GCA Architects
    • Lighting Design: Artec 3
    • Graphic Design: Mucho



The architects Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo, and Lucas Echeveste Lacy form EL EQUIPO CREATIVO, a studio based in Barcelona and specialized in the interior design of gastronomic, commercial, brand and hospitality spaces. Since 2010, they have worked for some of the most prestigious chefs in the world, like Ferran and Albert Adrià, and their designs include four Michelin star restaurants. Their projects have been recognized in more than 40 international design awards.

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