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Agape expands its architectural vocabulary with Benedini Associati and Patricia Urquiola

Updated On : 04 Sep 2021

2021 brings new forms and functions for a richer concept of bathroom design, full of interaction and dialogue among individual objects. Washbasins, faucets, furniture, bathtubs, lights and accessories: the conversation is open, and the connections come naturally.

Agape expands its architectural vocabulary with Benedini Associati and Patricia Urquiola

In 2021, Agape is expanding its architectural vocabulary and opening the door to countless possibilities for interaction and dialogue among their individual designs. This is the creative and intellectual matrix of the Italian brand, founded by brothers Giampaolo and Emanuele Benedini, both architects: for almost 50 years, the company has been designing pieces that develop an intense relationship with any space. These iconic objects, created by Giampaolo Benedini and other masters of contemporary design and architecture, are made to live in harmony with one another.

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Washbasins, faucets, furnishings, bathtubs, lights and accessories: the conversation is open, and the connections come naturally. This is a vision of bathroom design as an architecture of the senses, complete in itself and always evolving. Good design is the unseen score of this symphony. Here materials, functions and emotions are fine-tuned in an ever-changing ensemble, following a process of lateral thinking that results in timeless works of design. Emanuele Benedini, CEO of Agape, says:

“Our goal is an architectural balance between designs and collections, all created to interact in an unforced manner as a whole that transcends the sum of its parts. That's why in 2021 we focused in particular on a newly developed storage system, Evo 21."

Designed by Giampaolo Benedini, Evo 21 is a structure that breaks down this piece of furniture into its essential elements: an open case consisting of sides, bottom, and beams. Giampaolo Benedini tells:

“Inspiration came from the trilithion, the original architectural archetype. Deliberately backless and expanded to reach new heights, the new system is designed for ultimate simplicity in configuration and installation, together with true compositional and aesthetic flexibility.”

As in Peter Eisenman’s architecture where volumes are disassembled into planes, playing with finishes and color fields across the surfaces, this system allows for the deconstruction of the monolithic solidity of the trilithion in favor of lighter and more dynamic perceptual effects.

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Giampaolo Benedini also designed the new washbasins Undici and Undici Inox around the Evo 21. With a functional height of 11 cm above the surface of the storage unit, the whole line is compatible with the entire world of Agape products.

Like the Limón faucet, a fixture that is sculptural and architectural at the same time. Designer Patricia Urquiola explains:

“My intention, shared with Agape, was to give form to an object that would be simple and easily matched to many different situations. There are two compositional elements. The cylindrical body, and its circular section which acts as a handle. In its simplicity and functional honesty, this is a “silent” object. Even so, it is characterized by a strong presence in its own individual way.” 

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New editions and variations of several iconic Agape pieces have been launched, all aimed at amplifying assonances and harmonies. Like the Memory Mix faucets, designed by Benedini Associati, introducing new features to the Memory family but maintaining clear formal continuity. Or Patricia Urquiola’s new Lariana rectangular washbasin. The Narciso mirror, by Benedini Associati, offers further aesthetic and compositional possibilities.

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