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Choosing the right locking solutions for residential & commercial spaces

Updated On : 27 Jul 2020

Knowing the five levels of safety offered by locks helps you determine the right one for your need.

Safety is one of the prime concerns today with the times that we are living in. Hence, as an architect/ interior designer it is very important to take note of this need for evolved safety measures of customers. Be it home owners or commercial complex owners, they are now looking at enhanced safety solutions that are not only high tech but also have an aesthetic appeal that fits into the interiors of their respective spaces.

Hence, technology should be one of the key parameters while assessing a locking system for your project. There are mainly five safety levels based on their strength and technology. It is important to help a customer will all the necessary information before they make a decision on one of the most important features of safety for residential & commercial spaces. One should also encourage people to upgrade locking systems when they are renovating their homes & offices or shifting to a new one. Here is a guide to safety levels to help you chose the right locking solution for your next project:

Level 1 - Basic Safety

The locks in this category come with conventional mechanical locking systems having basic safety levels and have levers, wafers, tumblers and single row pin-cylinder technologies.

Level 2 - Ultra Safe Technology

These locks have highly computerised dimple keys with advanced multi-row pin-cylinder technology. In this, the maximum number of combinations (key differs) that can be provided are up to 100 million i.e. the lock can be opened by its own key and to create a duplicate key, one needs the original key.

Level 3 - Extra Safe (EXS) Technology

These locks come with advanced, angular multi-row pin-cylinder technology. The maximum number of combinations (key differs) that can be provided is up to two billion and a highly complex system of master key solutions is possible.

Level 4 – Mechanical Safety

This is the highest level of safety in mechanical locks and comes with a mechanical three curve system with a floating pin, sidebars and locking bar. This conforms to European standard EN 1303. Combinations up to 30 trillion are available, ensuring generations of non-repeating keys.

Level 5 - Advanced Digital Access Control Technology

Unlike conventional mechanical locks, the locks in this category are digital locks which are based on virtual networks which function through access and control systems and have combinations up to 200 trillion.

To ensure complete safety, it is important that people comply with at least Level 3 of safety mentioned above when using mechanical locks. Also, they must follow basic safety measures, such as changing locks once every 2-3 years and upgrade to advanced technologies. Also, while choosing a lock for a premium project one can also consider high-security/ digital Locks with smartphone like features for the technologically advance customers. High-security/ Digital Locks are going to be costlier than the traditional mechanical locks, but, at the end of the day, the cost of the lock is far less than replacing the contents of residential & commercial spaces after a break-in.