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How to do up your home with flowers

Updated On : 15 May 2022

A beautiful flower arrangement can become the focal point of a room making it have a mesmerizing look. Let's have a look at how you can decorate your space with flowers.

How to do up your home with flowers

A flower arrangement is one of the simplest and most elegant ways to add that touch of brightness to your home. A beautiful flower arrangement can become the focal point of a room making it have a mesmerizing look. And with so many varieties of flowers, there are innumerable choices and ways to create that striking look for your home.

One of the first things to keep in mind when getting a flower arrangement, is where do you plan to place it? Is it going to be a centrepiece for the dining table or an arrangement for the bedroom? Also pay attention to the overall look of the room, the kind of space it is and then decide what kind of arrangement to go with.

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Arrangements can be done in various ways and one does not need something complicated in order for it to look nice. Keeping it simple yet striking is a good way to plan an arrangement out. For example, if the arrangement is for the dining table, then make sure the vase has a low base such as a silver bowl with flowers over the rim. This ensures that the centrepiece allows for an easy conversation without being distracting. And yet it still makes for a great showpiece.

How to do up your home with flowers

Similarly, if the arrangement is for a bedroom then you could go for something like a bud vase. This arrangement is simple in the sense that it is elegant and tasteful without being overpowering. A bud vase is a single or two stems which are placed in a slim vase. Ensure that the stems are twice the height of a vase and you have yourself an elegant arrangement. And to let your imagination flow, you can even use an old wine or perfume bottle as a vase.

Another fun aspect of using flowers to decorate your home is that you can get extremely creative. For instance, if you want an arrangement in the kitchen then you can even use vegetables. Ornamental or flowering cabbage and kale can look surprisingly beautiful and mixed with flowers they can make an arrangement look extremely dynamic and pretty.

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Similarly, you can compare and contrast. Use dark and light flowers in the same arrangement to create a visually elegant and dramatic feel. You can use flowers such as roses and dahlias mixed with intense colours and blooms in various stages from bud to full bloom. This will create an unpredictable yet classic look and will add dimension to your room.

For a nice summery feel, you can also opt for a basket arrangement. Baskets come in various shapes and sizes and you use bright colours such as pink, blue, and purple which also give the arrangement a delicate feel. You can use various shades of pink which will provide layers and still look light and fun.

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The interesting thing about flowers is that they can give the room a nice dreamy vibe. Use the clustering method to make an arrangement out of a variety of flowers. Bunch up orchids, hydrangeas, roses and so on and the end result could be something out of a fairytale. Once again, let your imagination and creativity flow. And again to add that unique element, use something like a mason jar or even an old teapot and the results may just surprise you.

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How to do up your home with flowers
Flower arrangements are not just beautiful but they also breathe life into a home. Having flowers around will only bring that natural and organic element into your home. Flowers also have beautiful fragrances which make the overall feel of the house more positive. A simple string of jasmine flowers kept in a bowl of water overnight can make the house fill with a fragrance that no room freshener could compare with.How to do up your home with flowers

Use flowers to create the mood you would like to achieve. After all, flowers signify happiness and peace. Also, flower arrangements can make perfect gifts if it is a birthday or a housewarming and can lift spirits if someone is sick. So go ahead and have fun. After all, flower power can never go out of style.

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