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Hsc Designs hosts a digital exhibition for furniture and product design

Updated On : 02 Jul 2020

With the ‘Macro to Micro’ digital exhibition, the designers have created a new-age social space on digital platforms for experiencing products using VR technology that is available on any device.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on all of us. However, crises convene opportunities to reinvent. Making use of this opportunity, Hsc Designs has curated a digital exhibition showcasing their coveted range of furniture and interior accessories. Established in 2016, Hsc Designs is a young firm based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

With the ‘Macro to Micro’ digital exhibition, the designers have pioneered a new-age social space on digital platforms for experiencing products using VR technology that is available on any device. This one of a kind, fully immersive exhibition allows a high definition 360 degree-view, which enhances customer journey and their interaction with the brand.

In a note issued to the press, Hiloni Sutaria, Architect, Founder/ Proprietor at Hsc Designs, said, "We think this nuance will bring a nice change to how work is showcased. A digital showcase of our large eclectic range of furniture is the fastest way for people to see what we have created, what we could customise for them and most importantly the range of our design ideas.

Made by local carpenters, artisans and craftsmen, there are several advantages of doing this digital showcase - we can reach out to people sitting across the globe with details, colour and material selections and at the same time experience an unbuilt architectural project used as the setting of the gallery. It also allows us to launch a larger selection of products than we would be able to launch in perhaps a physical space, hence giving the audience an idea of our portfolio especially in these times.

With a virtual reality platform, it enables effortless navigation within the space housing furniture pieces and brings out real-life spatial quality of light and volume. It morphs the macro experience of being in an exhibition space to fit in our micro screens. The exhibition transcends the real experience of furniture selection through VR technology and can easily accessed on all devices. Every piece in the exhibition encourages customer interaction. The visitors can view the pieces from every angle and identify varied options for colour, textures, materials, etc. thereby getting complete freedom to order bespoke and customized.

The key inspiration for the furniture line was to morph the pre-designed architectural built forms and interior spaces at different scales. By exploring macro dimensions in a micro context and vice versa, the pieces craft an experience that channelizes the tactile and visual impulses of the user. They capture a perfect flow needed to transition from one scale to another.

Each piece materializes itself as a physical form in order to translate design perceptions of architectural scales into smaller scales. With such iterations, the idea is to get perfect furniture pieces that seamlessly flow into multiple scales, contexts and functions engaging with varied users and extending utility at all times.

Through their works, Hsc Architects have been endorsing humanitarian design. Their design philosophy ties experiential value deriving cues from context and users, and propagates sustainability by material reuse and zero wastage practices. They have extended the same principles for curating this exhibition. With ultra-modern virtual reality and full immersion technology they have reinvented the avenues to showcase and experience design products for the world that we inhabit today.