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'CoolAnt Beehive' by Ant Studio

Updated On : 20 Dec 2020
Cooling the world is warming the planet! More CO2 was released in the atmosphere in 2 days in 2019 than the entire year in 1902. Apart from harmful emissions, the inherent functioning of currently available air cooling devices releases heat into the surroundings, thus creating heat islands in cities
'CoolAnt Beehive' by Ant Studio

Inspired through biomimicry of the form and geometry of the beehives in nature, which allows bees to keep cool during the summer, the Beehive is a natural air cooling solution to provide a sustainable alternative to the air conditioners and coolers that are currently used in the buildings. The Beehive can be used in any space in a naturally ventilated environment . Beehive works perfectly as a beautiful standalone outdoor/ semi-outdoor cooling installation in restaurants, resorts, public spaces, factories and also as a hybrid cooling system for indoor environments, building facades, atriums with other cooling systems reducing their load.


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The Beehive enhances natural ventilation through the fluid dynamic shape of terracotta pots and sucks in the warm, outside air through each pot. The smart sensor based water distribution system intelligently drips water onto the pots by sensing the micro climate. This water gets cooled through the action of evaporative cooling by the pots. When the outside air comes in contact with the chilled water, it gets cooled and the system releases hot air inside the space. Water used by the system is sensitively conserved by using a recycling system built into the Beehive.

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The system has recently been installed in the waiting room of a private office in Delhi. We also tested out this system at the Indian international Science Festival in 2018 in Lucknow.