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From the Vault: Tara Sutaria REVEALS her preference for home decor and the most comfortable spaces in it

Design Dekko writer, Deblina Chatterjee re-visits Tara Sutaria's preference in home decor and why she loves John Abraham's home
Design Dekko writer, Deblina Chatterjee re-visits Tara Sutaria's preference in home decor and why she loves John Abraham's home

From the vault of our partner Script, here’s another exciting video clip where you will get the idea of living freely as per your style and choice. The Script, a Godrej venture and Grazia collaborated and had a little chat with none other than Tara Sutaria to know about her viewpoint on the freedom of living. Her quirky response will really make you think about your home décor from a different perspective. Take a look!

Watch Tara Sutaria's Video below here-

First, Sutaria talks about the freedom of living. And according to her, it means being yourself, loving yourself and most importantly expressing yourself. And for the expression, we need to decorate our abode as we want to. This showcases our sense of style, choice and preference and most importantly we feel comfortable and connected to our own space.

You will be surprised to know about the spaces where Tara feels comfortable the most. First is the bedroom which is her happy and cosy space and second is her bathroom as she loves bathroom singing.

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Then Tara mentioned that she is highly passionate about minimalism and monochrome in home décor. And it’s needless to say that minimalism is one of the most popular concepts currently in home décor. So, it can be seen that our star is also a big fan of it.

On being asked about which celebrity home she likes to move into, Sutaria mentions that her uncle John Abraham’s home is absolutely fabulous. She likes it because of its calm environment which gives a zen-like feeling.

Then “Student of the Year 2” co-star was requested to mention her dream holiday destination and she chose London. Along with that, Tara also called it her second home.

Lastly, she gave a real quirky definition of being cool. According to her, staying weird, happy, quirky and celebrating your own style is the right definition of being cool.

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So, from minimalism to monochrome to zen-like feeling, these are the key features that Tara Sutaria likes to have in her abode. But she would also want to add her personal touch to it to express herself. So, do watch the video of the star and get some more idea about home décor.