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Rogan Art: How to use it for home decor?

Updated On : 13 Jun 2021
Rogan art is one of the most popular traditional arts of India made in Kutch, Gujarat which is made out of heated oil. Rogan art is a great addition to your interior decor. Here are some tips to incorporate it into your home.
Wiki Media Commons. Credit: Lochan agarwal

The Persian term, ‘Rogan’ art means varnish or oil and it’s the method of fabric printing which is practised in Kutch, Gujarat. Vegetable colours and heated oils are used to create paintings and then they are set down on textile with a metal square or a pointer. This is one of the most dominant traditional arts of the country. Rogan art can be a wonderful addition to your home decoration. Here are some easy tips for that.

Rogan Art Wall hanging

You can use a cloth with Rogan art as wall hanging to spruce up the wall. The designs, colours and patterns are really gorgeous and intricate which will not only revamp the walls, but will impress your guests as well.

Frame it

You can also frame a large piece of Rogan art and hang it on a specific portion of the wall to use it as an accent piece. This will definitely make a statement and stand out. This idea is highly beneficial for living rooms.

Frame it in a smaller scale

If you don’t have that much space on your wall to use Rogan art, then you can take a small piece of cloth with this art, and frame it to put on your study table, work station, or your bedside table.


If you have an old stole or dupatta with Rogan art, then use the fabric as curtains to bring some vibrancy in your rooms.

The technique of Rogan art

For Rogan art, castor oil is heated for nearly 12-48 hours and constantly being stirred so that it doesn’t get burnt. The heated oil is then cast into cold water to create a residue which is called Rogan. Rogan is then mixed with colours and stretched out constantly to create a thread-like consistency.

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This thread is then used to create different intricate patterns, designs and motifs like trees, peacocks, flowers, local folk art etc. To ensure that the paint is wet, artists have to work in normal temperature without any fans even in the peak heat of summer. So, the creation of this art needs a lot of dedication of the artisans.

Rogan art is a point of pride for the country. This doesn’t just make the room classy and gorgeous, it will make your abode stand out amongst others.