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Smart fragrances for smart homes

Control the way your home smells with a finger tap!

The beauty of a home is defined not only by what you see, hear or touch but also by what you smell. Imagine walking into a room filled with a non-imposing & subtle fragrance, wouldn’t it revitalise you instantly? 

Now, what if you could control this fragrance with your phone? How convenient it would be! After all, smart is the new norm. We live in an era where time is limited and convenience is valued. The automation of household products is gradually becoming a necessity to keep a house running smoothly. 

Godrej aer smart matic, a new and improved version of Godrej aer matic, is a fragrance diffuser that can be controlled with a mobile phone. An innovative and convenient product, it gives you total control over the fragrance of your space. It is battery operated, Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled with a mobile app in a smartphone.

Most homes nowadays are closed throughout the day with very little ventilation. When you come back at the end of the day, you often experience a whiff of a stuffy and musty odour. The Godrej aer smart matic comes with a ‘smart scheduler’ which helps you schedule sprays by minutes, hours, days or even weeks. No more stuffy odour when you walk in after a long day, your home only smells fresh!

The aesthetic product is sleek and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf in the living space (at least 3 meters from the ground). It adds a touch of smart to your home or any space for that matter and subtly enhances the way you experience your space. It comes in two premium fragrances – Alive and Passion and lasts up to 2,200 sprays.

Fragrances create a conducive atmosphere—whether it is at home, in office or even in restaurants. They can boost productivity, trigger emotions and make your space a cosy and comfortable place and now can be controlled with a finger tap!