Talk the Walk : Architect Sathya Prakash Varanashi talks about cost, culture & conformity in architecture

Here’s an exciting episode of Talk the Walk Series hosted by Godrej Interio. This time, we have architect Sathta Prakash Varanashi, founder of Sathya Consultants in conversation with architect Sibani Sarma, founder of Gallopper.

Talk the Walk : Architect Sathya Prakash Varanashi talks about cost, culture & conformity in architecture

To give a brief introduction about Sathya Prakash, he studied Urban Design in Delhi and Heritage Conservation in England. His foundation Sathya Consultants stands on one basic principle and that is cost-effective architecture. He is also a well-known columnist whose articles have been published in The Hindu. Apart from that, he is also a popular personality as an environmentally conscious person.

Varanashi still continues his passion for writing also which made him create his own blog as well. Apart from that, he is also a TED speaker. So, watch the video to get to know about him, his idea of sustainability, his foundation Sathya Consultants and their concept cost, culture, and conforming.

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According to Varanashi, people don’t like the concept of sustainability now. People nowadays search for everything that is cost-conscious, climatically appropriate, and culturally conforming. Sathya also believes on these three things- cost, culture, and climate.  So, maintaining these principals, Sathya Consultants are ready to work with any materials like mud, clay, bamboo, exposed bricks, normal bricks etc. They also work with different roof forms and architectural elements as well.

More than 100 contractors have worked with Sathya Consultants in different projects. They even have borrowed their ideas to work with other projects as well. This shows that Sathya Consultants is not here to promote their brand but to provide people with their innovative ideas.

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Whoever comes to the brand for gaining an overall idea, they are provided with the in-depth knowledge. Once, they approve the idea, first the plan for the house is started. They don’t use any 3D projects to visualise the project to their clients. They make everything on their own.  Though they have worked on several big projects, Sathya calls their consultancy a middle-class firm. Because there are not only big projects with huge budgets, people with small projects also come to Sathya Consultants.

The article is part of the Talk the Walk Series hosted by Godrej Interio