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The ultimate drinkware and tumbler buying guide: How to select the right one as per lifestyle and needs

Updated On : 07 Feb 2024

Drinkware often goes unnoticed when you decide to redo your dining area’s look. But the list of options is endless here, whether it’s for quenching your thirst or serving cool beverages.

The ultimate drinkware and tumbler buying guide: How to select the right one as per lifestyle and needs

Drinkware often goes unnoticed when you decide to redo your dining area's look. But the list of options is endless here, whether it's for quenching your thirst or serving cool beverages. You can have one for each purpose, but selecting that is still hard as these drinkware accessories come in different materials, prints, and colours. Fret not, our in-depth guide on how to select the best drinkware sets will help you pick the most suitable ones for your dining table. 

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What is the most common drinkware?

the most common drinkwares

Drinkware is the common term for anything that carries water and beverages, either to store or serve them. Following are the most commonly used drinkware products that you must include in your collections.

Tumbler: The foremost thing you do when you receive gusts is serve water. A tumbler is what most Indian households use for this purpose. So, it's an integral part of the dining or the coffee table and often accompanies a jug. Tumblers are available in different materials like steel, copper, glass, crystal, and plastic. Their price and look differ based on this material. They are best to serve water and chilled beverages. You can reserve expensive tumblers for guests as they need higher maintenance and can be fragile. 

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Sippers and Water bottles: Water bottles are often for storage purposes and are easy to carry around for office, gym, and other payouts. Sippers are for personal usage while water bottles are for common usage. Like tumblers, water bottles come in different quantities and base materials. They are widely made of plastic, glass, or any other metal like copper. 

Compared to other materials, copper is the best choice next to glass. If you want to drink healthy water, then glass is the best option, next to copper.

Jugs: Reserved for dining tables, jugs are the most classic drinkware and are a must in hot seasons. There are jugs made of copper, glass, fibre, and stainless steel, yet copper jugs can stand out well and are long-lasting. Choosing water jugs is pretty easy as they all come in the same size and quantity, yet differ in appeal. If you want a sophisticated look, you can go for jug sets with pretty prints all over them, rather than a plain one.

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Glasses: These are more formal drinkware than tumblers and don’t have a wide opening at the top. They are best suited for hot beverages like tea or coffee. They aren't pricey like other drinkware but you have to buy them in multiple quantities and maintain them carefully. Even if one breaks, you might not be able to use the whole set. You can also buy glasses in other materials like ceramics, bone china, mud, etc.

Mugs: They are popular options to have coffee, without which many cannot start their day. As they are mainly for at-home and personal usage, you can be creative and choose what appeals to you the most, rather than focusing on aesthetics. You can buy suitable coasters for them to protect your tabletop from stains. 

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The formal option would be cups and saucers which are ideal to serve guests. 

Other than these common drinkware sets, there are barware and stemware to pour and serve wine and other alcohol.

Which material is ideal for drinkware?

Which material is ideal for drinkwares

This depends on what drinkware you are purchasing, the purpose, and the frequency of its usage. If you are buying drinkware for daily usage, you can choose jugs and water bottles made of copper as it is durable and resilient. But, it also requires more effort to clean and maintain it like it's new. 

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On the other hand, glass is easier to clean and is dishwasher safe when you use a low-acidic soap solution. It can look elegant as well and go with any tumbler glass set. They are often used in business drinkware collections. However, one needs more care while using them if it's for the home environment.

Ceramics is the next suitable option and it ticks most boxes. They are budget-friendly, look appealing, are slightly durable, and are dishwasher-friendly too. But, they might not look the same way after months or years of usage.

One material that's commonly used in drinkware in recent times is bone china. This is stronger than any other materials, isn't pricey, and looks stunning of all. The utmost benefit is that they are chip-resistant and don't get damaged easily.

You can weigh these pros and cons and choose the most suitable material depending on your purpose.

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How to select the best drinkware sets as per needs and lifestyle?

How to select the best drinkware sets as per needs and lifestyle

Some pointers that can help you decide which drinkware is suitable for your home and other needs.

  • Material: Determine the right material for you based on the above section. 
  • Quality: Go for the best drinkware sets with high quality as they last longer and have a flawless, more polished look.
  • Quantity and size: Choose the right quantity as per your requirements. For example, if you want a drinkware to enjoy your morning coffee, the quantity can be anywhere between 300 and 500ml. 
  • Design: If you want your drinkware accessories to also serve as a decorative object, you can choose vibrant prints and colours that add beauty to the product. Check the quality of prints and scratches to observe if it fades away. 
  • Life and durability: Despite the nature of the material (being fragile), the product should be strong and withstand damage due to wear and tear. You can enjoy this benefit if you choose the best drinkware sets made of high-quality materials. 
  • Cost: Most drinkware accessories are priced between Rs. 100 to Rs. 2000 depending on its type, size, material, etc. Ensure that you pay for its actual worth and not higher than that.

Best drinkware sets you can buy at affordable prices

Best drinkware sets you can buy at affordable prices

River Bank Silvassa Copper Jug Set

River Bank Silvassa Copper Jug Set

This magical water jug has a breathtaking appearance and also comes with umpteen health benefits, as it’s made of copper. Unlike typical copper jugs, this has a printed outer surface where you can see alluring images of nature like trees, a crane, flowers, and more. It has a large handle and comes with a copper tumbler to complete the look.

Mughal Doors Reiteration Tapered Copper Bottle

Mughal Doors Reiteration Tapered Copper Bottle

Carry a part that represents the rich history with this copper water bottle painted with Mughal door designs. It's bright hues and tapered design is something to die for. You can carry this anywhere due to its sleek design and receive envious looks from everyone. Other than that, this can also be used as a decorative piece in your kitchen or dining area.

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You can also replace your regular water bottles with this classic glass water bottle from India Circus, popular for its bright flower works.

Poppy Flower Scarlet Copper Tumbler

Poppy Flower Scarlet Copper Tumbler

Copper tumblers are the best drinkware sets for everyday use and can match both the above-mentioned products. The patterns and poppy flowers over the surface represent traditional Rajasthan designs which offer a truly ethnic look. With this colourful copper tumbler, you can hydrate yourself in style and enjoy the benefits of copper drinkware.

Blue Embossed Glass

Blue Embossed Glass

If you are a fan of minimalism and want something plain, this pair of glasses is for you. They are made of crystal glass which is the reason for their superior look. And its blue shade only enhances this richness. Impress your guests and friends with this exclusive drinkware collection and get ready for endless compliments.

Chevron Palms Mug Set

Chevron Palms Mug Set

Turn your evenings and house gatherings more welcoming by offering some hot tea in these Chevron Palms mugs. The chevron pattern, red roses, and green palm trees signify warmth and friendliness which is exactly the vibe you want to set. It's made of bone China material which means they are unbreakable even if your guests drop it.

Biome Patio Glass Tumblers

Biome Patio Glass Tumblers

No matter how many glasses and drinkware accessories you have, you still need basic, functional glass tumblers. This glass tumbler set exactly serves that purpose. Even its basic designs are pretty with trees and flowers, resembling a tropical rainforest. The price is also another striking factor here, which you wouldn't find elsewhere for this standard.

Drinkware sets hold a huge importance which you can realise when you host parties or invite guests. Be ready with the best among the best collections to create a noticeable and pleasant impression by getting these products at unbelievable prices.

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Other than these listed products, there is an endless collection of the best drinkware sets and other home decor accessories available on India Circus. Whether you want to give your monotonous home a new refreshing look or just looking for products like home decor, dinnerware, wall decor, and furniture objects, then India Circus is the right destination. 

FAQs about Drinkware and Tumbler Buying Guide

Q1: What to look for when buying drinking glasses?

Think about the following things when purchasing drinking glasses:

  • Choose glasses made of sturdy materials like glass/crystal
  • Size and Capacity: Select glasses with the right liquid capacity for your needs
  • Design and Style: Take into account the glass’s appearance & shape
  • Functionality: Choose drinking glasses that are simple to hold and use
  • Consider whether the glasses are dishwasher safe & simple to clean
  • Price: To find glasses that offer good value for money, set a budget and compare prices.

Q2: What are tumbler glasses used for?

Tumblers are adaptable and can be used for a variety of beverages. They are frequently used to serve cocktails, mixed drinks, water, juice and soda. They are wide, cylindrical, flat on the bottom and handleless.

Q3: How much water does a tumbler glass hold?

A tumbler glass can hold a variety of amounts of liquid but a typical tumbler typically holds 8 to 12 ounces (240 – 350 millilitres) or so.

Q4: What is the difference between a water glass and a tumbler?

To describe the same kind of drinking glass the terms “water glass” and “tumbler” are frequently used interchangeably. Both are used for serving water or other beverages and are typically cylindrical with flat bottoms. The two terms don’t differ from one another in most cases.

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