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5 Innovative ideas to make your entryway stand out

Updated On : 10 Jun 2021
The entryway of your home is a portal to your domestic aesthetic and is very important in setting the tone for your home. So, use these unique tricks and make your entryway look jaw-droppingly beautiful and impress your guests.

The entrance of our home, though often left unattended, is one of the most important parts. Your guests will have to come through the entrance first to see the entire house, so your prime focus should be on the entryway to make it stand out. So, here are some easy tips to spruce up the entryway of your home.

  • Spruce up the walls

Use the wall near and along the entryway to add some artistic charm to the area. You can hang a gorgeous painting, sculptural elements to spruce it up. But don’t forget to choose something colourful, vibrant, because it’s your entryway so it has to be warm, inviting and welcoming.


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  • Utilize mirrors

Instead of paintings, you can also use mirrors for the entrance of your abode. If there is a scope, place it right on the opposite side of the entry door to make the space look bigger and more spacious. Experiment with sizes and shapes of mirrors to create a dramatic effect.


  • Seating arrangements

You can create a little arrangement for seating near the entryway with small sofas and a coffee table. On the table, you can place a vase with fresh vibrant flowers.



  • Plants and flowers

Place some indoor plants near the entryway to make it more welcoming and natural. You can get creative with different planters and pots to place your plants near this space. If you want to use flowers, then simply put an ‘urli’ – traditional shallow metal bowl from South India - near the entryway and float some flower petals on it.


  • A cabinet

Using a wooden cabinet just near the entryway is another unique idea to impress your guests. You can place flower vase, some candles and even a statue on the top of the cabinet and keep your necessary items in the shelves which you need while going out. If you don’t have enough space for a table or cabinet, then go for a floating shelf to make it look aesthetically beautiful.