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Different types of mirrors to make your home look spacious

Updated On : 30 May 2021
Mirrors are the latest magic trick to miraculously make any space appear larger. Here’s how can you use different types of mirrors to make your home look bigger.
Different types of mirrors to make your home look spacious

When used in the right way, mirrors can work wonders on any room. There are several kinds of mirrors for different purposes and types of rooms, so when you place them in the right corner, they create illusions by reflecting light and as a result, rooms look bigger and spacious. So, here is how to use different mirrors in different ways to make rooms look huge.

Window-shaped mirror

Use a mirror in your room that’s created to mimic a window and place it in a vacant space of your room to use it as a statement piece. The mirror will open the space making it look less congested.

Artistic mirrors

Artistic mirrors not only make your rooms look bigger, but they also provide a luxurious look to the space. You can search for artistic mirrors online and place in a corner of your room where it can catch other’s attention from. It needn’t be framed always.

Kitchen mirrors

Adding an appropriately-placed mirror in your kitchen will enhance its look, making it spacious. There is a plethora of options to buy mirrors for your kitchen. Choose something that will match the décor. You can place the mirror above the sink.

Different types of mirrors to make your home look spaciousTall mirror

To create a dramatic look in your home along with making it look spacious, use a large and tall mirror and place it on a vacant wall. This kind of mirror is best suited in living or dining area to provide warmth and depth.

Hexagonal mirror

You can enhance your entryway by placing some hexagonal mirrors on the wall of the space to create an impression in front of your guests.

Mirrors sets

If you have a passion for mirrors, then you can select a large wall and place multiple mirrors in different shapes so that they reflect light on different directions creating grandeur in the room.

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