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From the Vault: Interior Designer Shalmali Nigudkar shares helpful tips on how to choose right colours for a lively home

U&Us Home Interiors help people choose the right colour combination for a vibrant home
From the Vault: Interior Designer Shalmali Nigudkar shares helpful tips on how to choose right colours for a lively home

According to psychologists, colours have an impact on our mental state. Different colours convey different meaning with different purpose. And the same goes for home décor. For making your home decor vibrant, you have to choose the right colour scheme that will reveal your choice, personality and taste.

So, on this regard, U&Us Home Interiors made a video in 2020 with their interior designers to help people choose the right colour combination for making their abode livelier. So, Interior designer Shalmali Nigudkar shares some tips on how to pick the perfect colour combination for your space. According to Shalmali, colours are a form of non-vocal communication that affects our mood and emotions. Colours create mood, so it’s important to create a perfect environment using right colours. So, here’s how to pick the right colour for any space.

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Step 1: First, think about the purpose of the room and the meaning of the colour. Then think about what mood do you want to create in the space and which shade will help you in achieving that. Because as it’s said, different colours impact on us with a different mood. For example, if you are choosing the colour for your bedroom, then you need a calm shade that will provide a relaxed ambience to reduce your stress like greens or earth tones. These shades will evoke calmness.

If the room is for your kids, then it has to evoke energy and happiness as your little ones will spend most of the time in it. So, you can choose colours like yellow, orange etc.

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Step 2: Another way to pick the right shade is to think about the entire colour scheme. And for that, you need to visualise the colours of your furniture, other wall, textures and accents together and then you pick the right colour.

You can also choose your colour scheme by creating a colour wheel. For the colour wheel, you have to pick at least 3 or more colours that sit next to one another on the wheel.

Another great way to choose your colour scheme is to create a monochromatic scheme in the same shade. Along with that, contrasting is also a great idea for creating a colour scheme. Here, you have to choose shades that are different from each other but complete perfectly.

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Step 3: Here, you can choose colours from three different parts - cool, warm and neutral shades. Either the entire colour scheme would be of cool (passive) or warm (active) or neutral shades. Warm or active colours are orange and yellow. Passive or cool tones are blue, green which make rooms look more spacious. And neutral shades are grey, beige and white and they act as a canvas for showcasing different accessories.

Step 4: Here, you have to choose the right lighting. If you have large windows, then you can use dark colours.

Two things to keep in mind:

1.Always test the colour on your wall before making the final decision.
2.Final look also depends on your furniture, décor and wall hangings.