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Have a tiny kitchen? Use these 5 smart storage hacks

Every inch of space is prime real estate in a tiny kitchen. Make most of it with these tips

The kitchen is the most challenging room to work with especially when there’s a space crunch. All of us who live in apartments will agree to this. Squeezing in as much as possible into a tiny kitchen and still making it functional and beautiful is a tough task, indeed. But there are some easy ways to maximise storage even in the smallest of spaces. Here are our top picks. 

KonMari your space 
Awaken the Marie Kondo in you and declutter your kitchen. Get rid of things that no longer spark joy. Have expired pantry staples, unused cutlery or barely-functioning equipment? Throw it all out. Get as ruthless as you can! It’s the only way you will get an organised and spacious looking kitchen.

Turn one shelf into two
Multiply storage space within your cabinets by getting stackable shelves or wire shelf risers. This will give you more vertical space to store dishes, bowls or cups without making the kitchen look cluttered or jam-packed. 

Go vertical 
If your kitchen faces a serious space crunch, look up for inspiration, literally! Take your cabinets right till the ceiling to get more storage space. Ensure the cupboards match the colour of the wall to blend them in and make the kitchen look roomy. You can also treat the walls like a blank canvas and make most of the unused area. Install open shelves, put up a hanging pot rack or even get a magnetic strip for your knives. 

Reclaim counter space
Hang a desk organiser on the side of the nearest cabinet and use it to store sponges, scrubbers and dishwashing liquid bottles instead of cluttering the area around your sink. After all, even an inch of counter space is prime real estate!

Stack stylishly
Running out of cupboard space? Stack your fancy dinnerware on the counter or open shelves. Neatly arrange them in similar colours or mix, match and contrast. Not only does this look stylish but it also adds to the visual appeal of the kitchen.