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How to make your room light, airy and open with right elements?

Updated On : 30 May 2021
With the right elements, you can create a perfectly light, open, breezy and comfortable home. Here’s how to do that.
How to make your room light, airy and open with right elements?

During summer time, we want our home to be light, breezy, airy, comfortable and refreshing, because of the scorching heat. But only putting light curtains won’t help to make your home light airy. You need to invest in the right elements to incorporate that breezy feeling in the space. Here are some easy tips for a light, airy and breezy feel in your home.

  • Don’t place any of your furniture in front of your windows or doors as they block air from entering the rooms. Keep the front portions of all windows and doors free from all blocking objects to promote cross-ventilation.
  • Add a statement piece that complements your home interior and colour palette to open up the space. It can be anything like catchy furniture, wall art, a light fixture, a designed mirror etc. This piece will catch all the attention of your guests so you have to place it wisely.
  • Another easy way is to pick a light colour palette for your walls and floors that will reflect natural light, making it open, airy and breezy. For example, white oak-coloured floors with off-white walls are a good pair.
  • Lights are one of the most important factors to make a space open, airy and comfortable. Instead of putting one source of light on the ceiling, keep different accent lights in different corners of your abode to open up the space. But remember, lights bulbs also matter, so choose subtle ones.
  • You can simply put mirrors in different corners of your room to make it look bigger, spacious, and airy. Mirrors create illusions by reflecting light which makes the rooms look bigger.
  • Instead of placing large free-standing furniture, you can opt for floating or wall-mounted furniture that won’t occupy any space on the floor, keeping it minimal and light.
  • Translucent furniture will definitely help making the space more airy, breezy and open. For example, you can opt for glass tables for a refreshing look.

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