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Liven it up! 5 dos & don'ts to set up your living room

The living room is also called the family room for a reason. Use these tips and make everyone at home fall in love with the space!

There’s no such thing like an ideal living room. It’s your room, your choice – set it up in a way that pleases your eyes. Having an aesthetic sense always helps; and if the room is set in a way that it appears welcoming, it ensures a great experience for all. The living room is also called the family room for a reason – it’s perhaps the only place where the family spends quality time together. Therefore, when you’re setting it up, try to ensure comfort for all. Following these unsaid rules will help you prep your space better. 


  • Ensure that there’s enough ambient light coming in through the windows (it’ll be awesome if the room has a glass ceiling)! Use a mix of lights – overhead fixtures, table lamps, sconces, etc. Also install dimmer switches to modify the lighting and give the room a different look whenever needed. 
  • Accessorise your family room with upholstery that sets the tone of the area. A carpet, artwork, cushions, etc. will help you give the room a distinct personality. Place them thoughtfully and do not go overboard with any of these decorative accents. 
  • Hang the curtains as high as possible to enhance the height of the room. Moreover, make sure that they are of the perfect length – ceiling to floor. Neither too short, nor too long. Try hanging them far and wide so that they barely cover a few inches of the window when they’re fully open. 
  • Follow a no-shoe policy to keep your place clean. Politely ask your guests to take off their footwear before they step in. You don’t want your beautiful rug to get ruined; and of course, nor do you want the little ones to jump on your sofa (especially with their shoes on). 
  • When it comes to setting up a place for your loved ones, trust your instincts. The idea of comfort differs for all. You know your guests better and so you would know how much would they appreciate your fancy rugs and throws. 


  • Don’t paint the walls without testing the colour on big patches. A shade may look good in the colour chart but you need to look at the larger picture. Also consider different lights before zeroing in on the paint –a colour may appear different at different times of the day. 
  • No need to push all the furniture against the walls. The seating arrangement can be such that it creates cozy spaces for conversations. Also, try to place the sofa and the smaller furniture pieces such that they fit on the carpet. 
  • Avoid monotony in your décor. Don’t get boring in choosing the texture of the items in the living room. Woven, leather, sequins, fluffy – there are so many variations that you can try. Go for a mix that is good enough to appeal to the eye. 
  • Don’t decorate the room with items only because they look fancy. While setting up your living room, put comfort above everything else. Check for the functionality of things before you place them. 
  • Don’t use disproportionate furniture. The size of the sofa, table, couches, etc., should go along with the overall size of the room. No need to place an item that’s too small or too big when you’re creating a space for everyone to hang out in.