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Top interior design terms that you should well aware of

Updated On : 10 Jun 2021
Get to know the top interior design terms and their actual meaning if you are a would-be interior designer or a home décor aficionado.

Interior designing or home decoration is not just about adorning your abode; it’s also about revealing your true self, being quirky, playful and experimental with your place and showing your taste and preference to make something look aesthetic. And to do that, interior designing has its own terms that completely have a different meaning. Here’s a complete list of interior design terms that you should know.

  • Bespoke - Something customised that’s made only for you.
  • Eclectic - An amalgamation of different design aesthetics.
  • Inspired - The concept of harmony in any design scheme.
  • Hygge - It’s about making everything cosy.
  • Feng Shui - The concept of creating a welcoming and functional space with positive energy.
  • Refined - Having several design options, but choosing only few that complement each other.
  • Honest - A space that lets you breathe.
  • Layered - Creating interest through several levels of elements.
  • Elevated - A design that has been taken to the next level.
  • Chic- Design term for “trust me, you’ll like it”.
  • Artistic - An unstructured and unexpected design style.
  • Tailored - Something that’s designed with clean lines and not fussy.
  • Collected - This term describes a space that is filled with unique pieces from different eras.
  • Evolving - It’s a design term for saying let’s decide later.
  • Edited - A space that is well though-out and organised with minimalism.
  • Well-appointed - Something with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
  • Aspirational - The concept of creating an environment that matches a lifestyle goal.
  • Whimsical - Elements of design that add a sense of humour.
  • Contrived Patina - Markings of character on surfaces.
  • Moody - A style that is dark with layers of texture.
  • Reimagined - A space that has been reinterpreted without any boundaries.
  • Clean - A linear and uncluttered style with no frills.
  • Conversational - Something unique, special, expensive and a little crazy to some extent.
  • Timeless - Design styles that stay away from trends that are also old.
  • Curated - A design that incorporates distinct style with a point of view.
  • Textured - Mixed patterns and materials that give layered depth to the senses.
  • Rhythm - Designing with a flow that generates a rhythm within the design.
  • Advancing colours- Describing an optical illusion that is created by dark colours.
  • Contrast - Creating a contrasted design in a room using opposite textures, light and dark colours, solids and patterns.