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Transform your kids’ room into a fun-learn zone with interactive walls

Every parent gets excited at the thought of designing the kids’ room. There’s a lot one can do to make those little spaces vibrant. Interactive walls help transform the kids’ room into a fun-learn zone.

So much to learn, so much to express – a kid’s energy level indeed touches the sky! Therefore, it’s important to channelise their energy in a positive direction. One good way to do this is by making sure that their surroundings induce learning and creativity. Here are some kids’ room wall décor ideas that you can use to inspire young minds at home. 

Wall Map
Maps are not only fascinating but also serve as great tools for learning. Get creative with the kids’ room wall design by having the world’s map or the country’s map as a permanent feature. You may choose to get a mural, or paste a wallpaper, or hang a huge wall art of the map. If you like keeping track of your expeditions, place a pinboard with the map printed on it. Ask your kids to pin every place travelled – they’ll certainly fall in love with their geography lessons! 

Lego Wall
How cool is it to have a mini-Legoland in the house! When you’re looking for children’s bedroom paint ideas, dedicate a wall or two to Lego. This will encourage them to engage in some constructive activity. Not just the kids, even the adults will feel playful looking at this section of the house. Most importantly, the dynamic walls will always give the room a new look. Different Lego creations in the room will break the monotony that accompanies permanent wall arts. 

Wall Panel
You can mount a few activity-based panels on the walls to convert your kids’ room into a lively play zone. A spinmazer or a gear wheel with rubber balls are some sensory wall activities that can keep your kids and their friends entertained for long. A pathfinder wall panel is something that interests children of all ages. Such activities greatly help the kids improve their motor skills and develop their problem-solving abilities. 

Magnetic Wall 
A thin, magnetic sheet on the wall can surely get the kids excited about learning. They will enjoy placing different toy pieces like letters, alphabets and shapes on the wall; And of course, keys, spoons and other metallic items will also be found there. Kids love experimenting! You can be creative and make good use of metallic containers and convert them into storage bins that stick to the magnetic wall. It’s a good way to teach your little ones the art of keeping their stuff organised. 

Whiteboard Wall
The smooth, reflective surface of a whiteboard can make any room appear brighter. A wall-to-wall whiteboard in the kids’ room will bring out the artist in them. Encourage your kids to express themselves by treating the whiteboard as a huge canvas and creating a colourful graffiti on it. The best part is that they have all the liberty to make countless mistakes. Afterall, life is all about making mistakes and learning from them!