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5 Key features for decorating a sustainable home for a healthy life

Updated On : 10 Jun 2021
Here are 5 key features of a sustainable house.
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

While decorating a beautiful home, it’s always important to have a keen eye on the sustainability of the decor. Because having a sustainable house helps you lower your budget, makes your abode look beautiful and most importantly, it doesn’t have any negative impacts on the environment. Sustainability increases the longevity of your home making it more comfortable and durable. So, here are some key features to have for a sustainable home.

Native Plants

Plant and vegetable garden for home decor
Instead of putting different plants from other regions, try to use native plants. It will not only make your garden look beautiful but will also save the environment by eliminating the transportation process needed for plants from other regions. Apparently, it will cut down your budget to some extent as well.

Energy efficient lighting and appliances

Godrej Appliances energy efficient products for home
When you choose energy-efficient lights and appliances then they consume low level of electricity which is again beneficial for the environment, but it then also becomes cost effective. For example, energy-efficient LED lights are always better options than normal ones as they consume less energy. In fact, there are many appliances which are highly energy efficient and available from trusted brands in the market. But the key is to check if they are certified by a competent authority. 

Natural Materials

Bloomingville Emmy Chair by Sweetpea & Willow
Natural materials would keep the indoor air healthy and free from virus, germs and other harmful chemicals. Air purifiers are good but their help is also not enough to make the indoor air completely germ free. So, you need natural materials for different finishes of the abode like the floor, beds, mattress etc. Wooden flooring is a good option but contains an unhealthy varnish for finishes, and it’s highly unhealthy to breath in that chemical. Therefore, check if the products you chose are also providing you a health environment. 

Recyclable products
Using recyclable products is one of the most important key features of going sustainable for your home decor. So, instead of using those high-end commercial products, try using recyclable products which are made of harvested woods, bamboo, cork, hemp etc. They are cost-effective and reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.


Locally products goods
Instead of buying several alluring products from different region, try to use only locally harvested and sourced materials for your home. This will again save your pocket from spending a huge amount on home decor items and will be effective for the atmosphere.