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A New Delhi home inspired by nature

Updated On : 18 Jul 2021
Drawing from the opulent, contemporary aesthetic, this 5,000 sq.ft. residential space in Sainik Farms Delhi features neutral tones of off-whites and greys and a profusion of rich hues of greens and blues inspired by nature.

The home is interspersed with brass highlights on different furniture pieces and a section of laser cut panels with embossed wall decor. And yet, this is exactly the visual identity that Sanchit Jain, Principle Designer at Design Square in collaboration with Furnishing designer, Ruby Gupta, Founder of Ruby’s Signature have managed to confer in this residential home.

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As this was a constructed house, Design Square did the interiors and furnishing without any major renovation. And of course, the before and after revamp is breath-taking. “The client didn’t want to tamper with the built of the house. Instead, they wanted a very elegant and graceful setting, with a sense of grandeur in the form of furniture, furnishings and decor as it’s crowning glory.

A New Delhi home inspired by nature

Since, the walls were already done in neutrals, our palette was dominated by tones of off-whites and greys. However, every room has been meticulously planned and decorated in accordance to the preferences of our client,” says Sanchit.

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“However, the most exciting area to decorate within the entire house was the living room.”

The living room is a plush, cosy space characterized by the featured layered curtains by Ruby’s Signature and chesterfield furniture by Design Square. The space, however, is accented with the use of brass in table tops, partitions and even chair legs. “Since it had the most visibility from the entrance, we decided on adorning the room with throws and cushions which only added to the character and depth of the room,” says Ruby. The room is framed by a decent sized lotus painting along one of the walls that creates a distinct look.

A New Delhi home inspired by nature

“Designing is all about experimenting and the staircase presented a window for us to explore and experiment with the interior space.”

A staircase is more than a connection between two floors and is a major architectural feature that can add a sense of charm and stunning details to any interior space or setting.

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“We realised that the staircase is a great opportunity to add to our client’s notion of luxury and grandeur. Therefore, we experimented with the lights and wall décor to give an impression of surrealism to the overall setting.” Not only did the pendant lights add a tinge of serenity to the space, the mirrors and paintings adjacent to the lights gave a whole new level of splendour making the setting look more inviting and opulent.

“Laser-cut panels with embossed wall decor and brass accents reiterates the sense of class in the master bedroom.”

A New Delhi home inspired by nature

Tailored with laser-cut panels co-ordinated with embossed wall decor, the master bedroom is meekly adorned in neutral hues of greys and off-whites occasionally accented by tones of blues. “Since, the overall feel of the room was very contemporary, we decided that adding a grey-leather chesterfield bed would only reiterate the client’s brief.” Hints of brass in side tables and table-top lamps enhanced the appeal of the room dominantly. 

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